Carrot Varieties and Types


Did you know that there are several types of carrots out there(Western or Carotene Carrots – These have orange, red or white roots), each one tastier then the other and what’s more important, all of them as equally healthy as they all contain Beta Carotene. What helps us differentiate one type from the other are the colors that vary from white to orange and even purple. Besides this, the shape and the size of each type also helps us better identify each of the carrots. For examples, let’s take the Nantes carrots, which are the most easy to grow at home. The Nantes carrot types are usually sweet and have a cylindrical shape. Then there are the types called, Imperator carrots, that are the most common ones and can be found in almost every market. You can easily recognize them from their elongated shape and tapered roots. Below you have more information regarding the types of carrots..

Carrot Varieties and Types – World Carrot Museum

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