Couple Converted a 280-square-foot, Double-Decker Bus Into A Tiny Home

London’s double-decker buses are iconic, and everyone visiting the city wishes to take a ride on these special vehicles. But what about living in a red double-decker bus?

Hope and Manny Hernandez, convert buses into homes for a living and they recently transformed a 1957 double-decker and transform it into a tiny house.
The entire conversion project cost $32,000 and the 280-square-foot bus is now a cozy home that also comes with a lot of freedom and mobility.
The two spent seven months in 2020 renovating the bus and the results are truly stunning, as the interior looks incredible.
The couple even shares their adventures on the road on Instagram and TikTok where they have a large fanbase. The interior of the mobile home was decorated in white with blue accents, combined with natural wooden elements which make everything more elegant.
The first floor of the bus hosts the living space, the kitchen, and the bathroom, and the top floor was reserved for the bedroom.
The bus even has a tiny corner with a wood stove which is the fireplace that warms the entire place.
You can see pictures of Hope and Manny’s amazing double-decker transformation below and do not forget to follow them on social media as well.

Their most recent project involved a vintage, 280-square-foot, double-decker bus originally from London.

Before and after a paint job on the exterior of the double-decker bus.

The exterior and interior of the finished renovation.

The bus interior before renovations.

Interior photos of the first and second floors of the bus after renovations.

The entryway into the renovated bus.

Arrows point to the benches in the renovated bus.

The kitchen on the renovated bus.

The majority of the first floor is the bus’ kitchen.

“We wanted to give the owner a really big kitchen because she said she likes to entertain people,” Manny said.

The bathroom area has gold furnishings and a faux marble interior on the renovated bus.

The front door of the double-decker bus.

Hope and Manny Hernandez. @beerrunbus/Instagram

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