Decorating A Small Apartment >>> It Is Difficult Or Easy?

Well well, of course is easy if you follow the offered by Goods Home Desing Ideas. Maybe because of the global crisis is now a worldwide trend to have more small apartments. But nobody wants to have decorated the small space and uninspired. We present a very fresh solution ideal for […] a single or a young couple in a space of just 538 sq.ft.(50M2), which is found all we need. bathroom, small kitchen, bedroom and living room.”It’s great to have everything in this small space, save money and feel perfect, it all depends how you do to decorate the apartment.”

This decoration is the work of designer Yana Dzombak from Kiev (Ukraine).Let these ideas inspire you to make the home (and space) you want.


Small Apartment —538 sq.ft. / 50 m2

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