DIY Outdoor Solar Shower


Energy conservation is a crucial thing these days. It’s not about the price of energy but also about the fewer resources we have at our disposal. What if we tell you that you can use alternative energy in the summer to make a useful solar shower? It’s so easy and cheap, you will spend only about $150 and a weekend’s worth of work in order to complete this DIY project. Make sure the platform for the water tank is strong enough so the full 50-gallon tank of water (weighing approximately 400 pounds) can be safely positioned. Besides that, you will need an old water heater, flat black paint, an overflow vent, a shut-off valve, a shower head…

With the sun providing heat, you only have to provide the water for this outdoor solar shower.

Solar Heated Camp Shower


outdoor-solar-shower PHOTO: TIM MASON via MothErearthNews


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