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  1. mongo says:

    $ 20,000.00 ???…For that ???….R U CRAZY ????…

    • cindy says:

      yeah, my first thought exactly. that’s a little steep for a quonset hut shed…. my 2000 square foot home, including land, plumbing, and electricity only cost me 30K

    • Seriously says:

      That is not much bigger than a tool shed so $20K is not a value. I think that these little homes have become so much the craze that people who build them are gouging at the public. The reverse thought is that the people who are needing a home of their own are considering these little homes because they have little, VERY LITTLE, money.

    • Marcel says:

      where does it say 20 k for this I don’t see it or am blind

  2. Johnny B. Goode says:

    home depot sells these things. they’re called sheds.

  3. Sarah says:

    Not really. This is NOT a “house” if it doesn’t have a bathroom and a kitchen. It’s a room.

    • Marcel says:

      exactly I seen them in camping a room for 40 dollars and showers was maby 50 feet away and they had BBQ all over the place .Went one travel on a bike and your looking for deal and the one I seen was clean very clean and lawn chair outside was a nice set up he had about 20 of them similar to this and they were all rent out

  4. David Sampson says:

    So, $20K for essentially a garden shed? I guess when you lose you mind, this makes sense to some.

    For that price you could go to Home Depot and buy two or three of their nicer garden sheds and insulate them, add plumbing, heating, electrical, and finish the interior, still come in under $20K. The nice thing is there is already a built-in loft on some of those HD sheds. That, and Home Depot will deliver it.

    • Donna says:

      Amen, David. I have also looked into the HD sheds and they look awesome to me. THAT is exactly what I am thinking of doing or…a friend of mine had one built on his property, a bigger one at a fraction of this and they did a superb job. He had them do the framing but he then finished with electrical, plumbing, insulation, and it had a loft. He uses it as a guest cabin. It came well under $20,000 and bigger than this thing.

  5. Angie says:

    Where is the bathroom in this tiny house?

  6. maegan says:

    I just had a 14×24 tiny house delivered to me for less than 8k… This is adorable but 20k is bit steep.

    • Seriously says:

      Really, that is wonderful. Does your tiny house have a bathroom and kitchenette, and place to sleep? If so, now we’re talking. The whole idea behind these tiny homes is that people just don’t have money and so these little homes are great for them if they can get one that is reasonable.

    • karen says:

      Where did you get your tiny house?

    • ACT says:

      Megan, may I ask how you found/got that deal?

  7. rickikurts says:

    I would love to know where you got your tiny home at. We are just starting our journey and have run into the price gouging builders.

  8. anne says:

    and there was i thinking that they could solve a big problem with homeless people enough of them built in our fields 20 thousands very expencive

  9. Marcel says:

    No matter what always some there going to find a little bit of this or that ,Think they didn’t built it for you .Who ever built it was for himself and he like it so please i’m 100 pourcent sure the peoples that complaint can’t do better maby worst lollll we cannot go a day whitout being negative in this weird world .some are trying to help buy giving us ideal and from there you modified it or don’t built it .Put please if your so good why we don’t see some of yours here or there .

  10. Tam says:

    Where is everyone seeing $20k? I don’t see it in the article and when you go to efabs website they say $3800

  11. Brynda says:

    I can go by a larger sized wooden shed from my local guy and do it up furnished for less than that!

  12. Michele Whitewolf says:

    Just like so many other things that become popular, there is a crazy time trying to get as much as people can for as little as they can give.

    The tiny house movement was about people providing there own shelter foe a cheep price. Now it’s trendy so if you have some one in the trades do the work you pay an arm and a leg maybe even your first born child.

    DIY ing one of these incredible tiny structures is not complicated. It is not rocket science so a little study and a few hand tools, a reasonably priced structure can still be out togeather by the end user.

    This may be the first time in human history that so many people truly lack the gumption to devise there own shelter.

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