Free Software Lets You Easily Create Complex Japanese Wood Joinery

The art of Japanese wood joinery is an ancient one that requires years of studying to be mastered. Wood joinery is a complex art that will have a finite product of wood structures created without using screws, nails, or adhesives.

This intricate art served as the basis for many traditional Japanese architectural pieces and there are even buildings in Japan constructed with this technique. The hardest part of building the perfect pieces that fit together, is the carving of the wood, as each piece needs to complement the other, just like the pieces of a puzzle.
To bring this ancient art to a wider public, a team from Tokyo University developed a 3D modeling software called Tsugite that can be used to create custom wooden joints. The joints cant hem be manufactured with the help of a CNC milling machine and it takes the art of wooden joinery to a next level.
This software will facilitate the creation of small wooden objects such as chairs, tables, and other design pieces, and the final product can be easily dismantled and recycled if needed.
The software comes with several presets and models that are already designed and can be used as they are, but it also lets the users create their personalized models. You can learn more about Tsugite on the product’s website.

Called Tsugite after the Japanese word for joinery, it employs ancient Japanese joinery techniques to craft wooden structures without any nails or glue.

The designs created with the software can be manufactured with a CNC milling machine, which allows anyone to construct unique wooden designs in just minutes.

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