How To Bake A Cake Inside An Egg


This next recipe is so cool and easy, that it’s every hipster baker’s dream. The recipe is called cake eggs and the outcome is truly amazing as in the end you will have a sponge cake bakes right inside the egg. So how exactly are these cakes made? The process is actually very easy and obvious. First you have to wash a few eggs and after that punch small holes in each one. Take a bowl and pour the inside of the eggs there, but don’t throw away the shells. Clean the shells on the interior, by rinsing them with water and soak them in salty water afterwards. Add tin foil to a muffin pan and pour a little bit of oil in each egg, to coat the inside. Prepare the cake batter, here you can use the recipe for your favorite cake. Add the batter to piping bags and fill each egg shell. Bake the cakes for 15 minutes, let them cool and then just peel them like regular eggs to get to the cake. Such a creative way to make a delicious cookie.


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