How to Build A Treadle Chicken Feeder


Raising chickens might be expensive for many people, not only in cost but in terms of work put into and results yielded. You have to provide shelter, clean after and feed your chickens if you want them to grow healthy. Every trick or invention that might relieve a bit from the lot of work you have to make is good news. That’s why we thought the treadle chicken feeder is a great thing you should know about and learn how to build. The structure isn’t rocket science, so you could raise one even if you’re not an engineer. And it’s also neat that the result is achieved with using 1/2 sheet of 1/2 feet plywood. You can see from the video provided that it’s very easy for chickens to use the treadle feeder. They learn to step and receive the food. Pests are no longer an issue because the food is kept safe and you can stress no more on a daily basis about supplying the chicken coop with food. Take the building plans and follow the schematics there in order to make a treadle feeder for your own chickens. Good luck!


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