How to Grow a Clementine Tree in Your House


Clementines are so good and very healthy too. Clementines contain large amounts of vitamin C, so they will be your best friends when fighting the flu in winter. Did you know that you can grow your own clementine tree by following a few simple steps? Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden, as you can grow clementine trees inside your home as they favor the inside temperature. Choose trees that are labeled as dwarf or semi-dwarf as they are most suitable for indoors. The clementine tree will need constant sunlight to grow, so make sure you place it near a window or in a spot where it can get enough sunlight over the day. Also, keep in mind that the soil of the tree needs to be watered regularly, as it prefers a moist soil, but always remove the extra water from the tray. Learn more about what it means to grow a clementine tree and what exactly you need to grow it…



You’ll Need:

20-inch planter pot
Potting soil
Slow-release citrus fertilizer
Watering can
Pruning shears


Step 1:
Plant Clementine in a 20-inch diameter container. Select a container with bottom drainage. Use a well-draining potting soil rich in organic matter, and plant the tree so that the graft union, or raised knot on the lower trunk, is just above the soil surface in the pot.

Step 2:
Set the tree near a window that receives full, all-day sunlight.

Step 3:
Feel the soil in the pot daily, and water when the top 1 inch begins to feel dry. Pour water onto the soil with a watering can just until the excess begins to drain from the bottom of the pot.

Step 4:
Fertilize indoor potted Clementines year-round with a fertilizer formulated for citrus. What type of fertilizer should you use? Citrus fertilizers are available in a variety of forms. Granular is the most popular and is easy to apply.

Step 5:
Remove all suckers that grow along the trunk. Use a pruning shears. Cut off broken or dead branches any time.

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