IKEA Launches First Pet Range Utsådd for “Eating, Sleeping, Playing and Hiding”

IKEA has introduced its first-ever pet product range, Utsådd, in collaboration with Woodgreen Pets Charity, catering specifically to the needs of cats and dogs. This innovative collection, comprising 29 thoughtfully designed items, focuses on the primary activities that pets engage in within the home: eating, sleeping, playing, and hiding. According to IKEA’s commercial manager Michaela Quinlan, the goal of Utsådd is to create products that both pets and their owners will appreciate, ensuring comfort and style seamlessly integrate into the home environment. The collection features an array of items such as rattan beds, scratching posts, and patterned toys, all aimed at enhancing the daily lives of furry companions.

The partnership with Woodgreen Pets Charity highlights IKEA’s commitment to animal welfare, especially in light of the 62 percent increase in abandoned pets reported by the charity in 2023. By donating all the furniture from the Utsådd collection’s catalogs—dubbed the “Cat-alogue” and “Dog-alogue“—IKEA is not only raising awareness about pet adoption but also providing tangible support to the charity’s mission. The catalogs feature products like a pitched-roof cat bed, a raised rattan cat house, and various soft toys for dogs, all photographed with animals from the rehoming center. Fiona Cooke, Woodgreen’s head of specialist services, emphasized the importance of creating safe and enjoyable spaces for pets, both at the rehoming center and in their future homes. This initiative by IKEA underscores its broader design ethos of inclusivity and innovation, as seen in their other recent collections unveiled at international design events.

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