Mansion Built Out Of 14 Shipping Containers. This is so beautiful!

This sustainable Texas mansion built with 14 containers takes modern technology to a whole new level. Even though the designer used mostly modern materials, the rustic forms have been preserved and are in perfect harmony with the luxurious decoration. The project was developed by the PV14 House, and signed by the studio M Gooden Design then completed last year. It is a stunning mansion built with the incorporation of 14 reused shipping containers. The residence, located in the American city of Dallas (Texas) has a luxurious structure that was designed to bring together technology, modernity and sustainability, as the work reused materials to reduce environmental impact. The owners, Barbara and Matt Mooney, wanted to build their dream home, which resulted in a large building of 1110 m² and two floors. The mansion has three bedrooms, five bathrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, garage for two cars, storage for materials, deck, balconies and a swimming pool. One striking feature is the use of large openings, such as windows and balconies, which occupy much of the roof. Thus, the capture of natural light is more efficient, besides promoting a natural ventilation for the dwelling. Make sure you visit the link below for more pictures and learn more about this breathtaking Texas residence.

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