Modern Dog House With Grass Ramp

Studio Schicketanz, an architecture, interior design, and consultancy firm based in Carmel, California, has ingeniously designed a dog house that combines both functionality and comfort for our furry friends.

This exceptional dog house features a unique grass ramp that leads to the entrance, allowing dogs to easily access their cozy home. The grass ramp not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also provides a soft and inviting pathway for the dogs to enter their shelter.
Studio Schicketanz’s innovative approach ensures that pets can enjoy a seamless transition from the outdoors to the comfort of their own space.


Adding to the thoughtful design, this dog house incorporates an automatic water faucet on top, providing a convenient and continuous source of fresh water for our canine companions.

The automatic faucet ensures that dogs have access to clean drinking water at all times, eliminating the need for frequent refills or worry about stagnant water. Studio Schicketanz’s attention to detail and commitment to pet-friendly design results in a dog house that not only meets the practical needs of dogs but also enhances their overall well-being and enjoyment.


This beautifully designed dog house truly exemplifies the firm’s dedication to creating innovative and functional spaces, even for our four-legged family members.

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