The Coolest Bunk Beds

Kids love bunk beds, so if you are thinking about redesigning your children’s room why not go directly for a bunk room? Here are some cool ideas of how to put this into practice a bunk room idea.

The room is divided into two parts, a downstairs area with a bed and learning space and an upstairs area with a second set of beds. This way, even if your children are sharing one room, they can have their own separate sleeping areas. The stair that lead to the upper part of the bunk room are used in a clever way, being transformed into storage units for clothes, shoes, toys and even books. The room is also great for sleepovers, as there are enough beds to host the guests and plenty of space to chill downstairs. The rustic wall piece and the natural colors used in the design give a very nice, natural feel to the entire space. Check out these 20 Bunk Beds!

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