The Pointe: Mesmerizing Landscape and an Unforgettable Rustic Mountain Cabin


After some well-deserved time off during the holiday season we have to mentally prepare for getting back to work. But there are some of you who still find it hard to get into that mood, and seeing a mesmerizing vacation home among the breathtaking peaks and wild landscape of Big Sky, Montana can be a reminder of what you are missing during those long working hours. Known as The Pointe and designed by LOHSS Construction, this represents a harmonious combination between a classic mountain cabin and an impressive landscape with full access to some of the most amazing sky slopes in the world. LOHSS succeeded in transforming this mountain homes into magical ones by mixing timber and stone with a rustic touch, the result being a dreamy and soothing ambiance, suitable for any family. A much needed change after so much concrete and modern polished surfaces that are part of our environment on a daily basis. The unbelievable view of Yellowstone Club can be seen from the living room, where the central piece is the fireplace, and also from the bedroom, the focal point there probably being the natural timber, locally obtained. Everything is simple, kept true to the local architectural style and with an obvious rustic touch.

This is a splendid home situated in the mountains that really deserves to be visited!









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