This Man Built His Wife a Mini Chicken Coop Town and it’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Mitzi Ballard has a lot of chickens, so her husband decided to build her the most amazing DIY chicken coop. Since she didn’t have a dedicated space for her chickens in her yard, her husband decided to help her out and transformed their outdoor space in a true resort for the little chicks.

The chicken coop looks very dreamy, as it resembles a small town with shops, shop fronts, and colorful houses. Each house of the town was carefully crafted and Mitzi’s husband thought about every detail and even color-matched the houses so they look harmonized.

The town even has a tiny hotel, a hairdresser, and a cafe for the chicks to hang out. If you look through the gallery, you’ll observe that chicken feeders are hidden in different corners of this tiny town and even cozy chill areas.
Mr. Ballard did an amazing job and this might be one of the most wonderful DIY gifts in Internet history.

via Facebook @Mitzi Ballard

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