This small grain bin home could be used for guests, vacation, or as an affordable first home.

Architect, Mark Clipsham designed this house with grain silos in mind. It was imagined as a vacation house or an affordable home for a family who wants to reduce household costs and also experience the comfort of a mansion. The house is designed to be self-sustaining and efficient as it has a wood stove and fans that will heat or cool the house if needed. The large porch also hosts a solar collector which can be turned into a greenhouse if the climate allows it. The main thing when it comes to these house plans is the fact that they can be implemented easily and once the grain bins are set in place the rest of the house can be built in one season. According to Clipsham, the best part of this house is that it is designed in a highly efficient way so it won’t need any kind of maintenance for at least 70 years.


The plans of this house can be seen and purchased on the link below and the purchase also includes 3 hours of consulting with the architect.

More details HERE…

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