Turn a Bucket into a Chic Mini Ottoman


Finding the perfect ottoman can take a long time, and who has the energy and nerves for that? So if you want your ottoman to be everything you wished for, a good idea would be to make it yourself. Or even better, to repurpose an old object and transform it into a stylish ottoman! The best supply for this can be a 5 gallon bucket that has just the right size to be an ottoman and transforming it requires just some creativity and patience. You will also need a lot of thread and glue to mask the bucket and give it a new look. For more details, just visit the link below where you will find a really great tutorial about how to turn a 5 gallon bucket into a stylish and cozy ottoman. The decoration and personalizing is up to you, so try to be as creative as you can.


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Brit And Co: How To Turn A Bucket Into A Chic Mini Ottoman – Full Instructions

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