WINNIPEG High-Sleeper: Multifunctional Through Five Smart Assembly Options!

This is an amazing concept suitable for children from the age of one. Why is amazing ? Because is a multifunctional bed and it offers five assembly options without extra components or conversion kits. All the necessary components for the five assembly options are already included in the original delivery of this multifunctional bed. You can use WINNIPEG High-Sleeper, for your children for a long time, because the sleeping level can be adjusted to give approx. 32cm higher step. This means the width between the mattress beam and the ground can be altered to 30, 53, 86, 118 cm and 150cm depending on the age of the child.

Assembly option 1

“For children at the age of one the sleeping level is assembled in conjunction with a frame set consisting of six frames. In this way the sleeping level is installed very low and becomes a spacious baby cot and playpen.”

Assembly option 2

“Parents who find conventional loft beds too high are glad to see the second WINNIPEG assembly option with a standing height of 53cm below the mattress. The gripping handles of the ladder can be fixed in a lower position making the ladder suitable for children between 2-3 years old. A symmetrical assembly is also possible. This means the ladder can be adjusted on the right hand side of the bed instead of on the left as shown in the picture.”

Assembly option 3

“Is an ideal height for children who love to have a secret hiding place under the bed (86 cm space beneath the mattress).The gripping handles of the ladder can be adjusted to this height. A symmetrical assembly of the ladder is possible.”

Assembly option 4

“This assembly option with a standing height of 118 cm below the mattress is ideal for children over the age of three so that they manage to climb up and down safely. The adequate height of the upper guard rails and safety bars (double the EU standard) prevents falls and accidents. This height option offers possibilities to add useful accessories such as the slide.”

Assembly option 5

“The WINNIPEG ‘junior bed’ can be assembled by adjusting the mattress beams at the height 150 cm. There are extra room for a computer or a printer. The height of the upper guard railing is halved so this assembly option is suitable for children above the age of 11. The WINNIPEG loft bed is perfect for teenagers.”


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