World’s Greenest Eco Resort will be situated in a heated climate


Baharash Architecture practice has revealed its project for the greenest eco resort, which is situated in the UAE. This resort represents one of the various projects the eco company is planning to initiate in the years to come. The inauguration will occur in 2020. A group of entrepreneurs have installed 157,000 sq ft of solar panels in order to ensure power for the whole resort. The person who designed and founded the London-bases practice, Baharash Bagherian, talked about what inspired this design: “At the very early stages of the project, we found out that we could extract groundwater using a deep well. This gave us an opportunity to create a story around a spring, which was of critical importance to Bedouins for trade and transportation routes.” After realizing that water could be extracted through a deep well, the entrepreneurs used local materials and water source for it.


Furthermore, other eco-friendly measures have been taken, such as the following examples: waste water treated on site and recycled for irrigation; a zero-emission zone; and on-site waste management. At the resort wildlife biologists and conservation staff will be employed. Situated in the centre of the resort is a beautiful spring, which sets the tone for a relaxing time in the typically heated climate.







by Baharash Architecture

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