You Ever Feel Sad, These Adorable Highland Cattle Calves Will Make You Smile

Highland cattle are so adorable and they make the best companion for an outdoor loving family. If you like to spend time outside and have enough space for fluffy cattle, Highland calves will be your favorite new pets.
They have long hair and a cute pink tongue and look simply adorable. Their origins are in the Highlands of Scotland, so to make them resistant to windy places they had to adapt and grow long hair to keep them warm.
They are very resistant and adapt well to the harshest weather conditions and low temperatures. What makes their fur special is its double layer, an oily one on the outside, and an inner layer.
They can survive even in snow and heavy rain, as the oily layer evolved into a coat that keeps moisture away from their bodies and helps them retain heat longer. Thanks to their horns, they can easily dog for food even below layers of snow and emerge stronger after a cold season.
Browse the picture gallery to see how cute Highland cattle are and share your new favorite animal with your friends too. 50 Pics.











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