Zucchini Pizza Boats Recipe


It’s quite unfortunate that some people cannot process lactose or gluten, but having a sensibility like that shouldn’t interfere with tasting delicious dishes in life. Some of these is the classical pizza. But the common pizza has a gluten base which will ultimately ruin any attempt of grabbing a bite of a slice. That’s why we found and provided you with this simple recipe for a gluten free Zucchini pizza. Sure, you could use anything as replacement for the gluten, but this vegetable is important because it doesn’t overshadow the flavor of the other ingredients, but actually absorbing the flavor of whatever you combine or associate with. In order to make the gluten free pizza, you must start with the Zucchini sliced very thinly and work your way up with the other ingredients you normally found in a pizza: mushrooms, salami, and cheese. So, stop underestimating the Zucchini and use it in this awesome recipe for a gluten free pizza. Enjoy!



Zucchini Pizza Boats – Full Recipe by Cooking Classy

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