15 Clever Ways To Repurpose Dresser Drawers


These next projects are pure genius! Have you ever thought about repurposing only some parts of your furniture? If not, then maybe these ideas will make you rethink your answer. The basic idea is easy, take an old dresser and remove all the drawers. Now place the dresser back into your garage and make something great out of the drawers. For instance, you can place these drawers under your bed and create some amazing and useful storage units. Or install them on the wall and you them as plant holders. Plant flowers inside each drawer and you will have a beautiful and very original decoration for your room or garden. For more amazing ways of repurposing dresser drawers, take a look below and you will find a list of 15 cool ideas.

1.Re-purpose a drawer into a shelf

2.Decorate Your Bathroom With Thrift Store Finds

old-dresser-drawers-1 source

3. Turn an old drawer into rustic nightstand


4. Create a comfortable bed for your dog or cat


5. DIY Ideas: Headboard from Old Drawers Storage-Packed Bedroom From Scratch

old-dresser-drawers-4 source

7 Responses to “15 Clever Ways To Repurpose Dresser Drawers”

  1. Kathy Sellers says:

    I love these! Please tell me where to purchase the chair in #2.

  2. Dawn Reiherzer says:

    Hi there. I am wondering where the cheapest.place to get the legs for the pet bed or the side.table would be? What is best to fasten them?

  3. Michelle says:

    You can find all kinds of legs, and the hardware to attach them on Amazon

  4. Kathy Stagg says:

    Hi, was wondering what size drawer I would need to make the shelf in #1?

  5. Dan says:

    Best place I found was actually removing them from discarded furniture. Always carry a rechargeable drill a hand saw and basic hand tools with you. Its amazing what you will find for free.

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