Alaskan Couple’s Tiny House Is Full Of Surprises

Living in a remote part of Alaska may sound like a hard thing to do. But if you have a nice home, everything will seem a lot more easier. This works even better when you have a custom made house, fitted for your budget and your necessities. And especially if you don’t have a big department store near you to find everything you need for the home. The video material shows the creator of this doing what she does best: offer creative solutions to peoples’ problems. Just like wooden storage bins used to form a bed frame in a matter of seconds. That’s impressive! This is very useful in small homes which are the most common solution for people wanting to live affordably and don’t impact the environment that much. Watch the video and recommend it to your friends who are searching for smart solutions to some house problems.



Video Credit: Ana White

11 Responses to “Alaskan Couple’s Tiny House Is Full Of Surprises”

  1. Joan says:

    You did such a fantastic job designing this! One of the best by far

  2. Gary Beard says:

    Looking for tiny house by spring ,will move to house

  3. warren trout says:

    Very creative.

  4. Manuela Webster says:

    Hi Anna, I just wanted to say I have been looking into tiny homes for more than 10 years. Now they have become a movement. But I must say that this video that you have shared with us is one of my top three of all that I have seen. The functionality of this design is absolutely the most that anyone could ever need in a tiny home and then some. Absolutely marvelous. Keep up the good work. I live in Michigan and I just wanted to say this was absolutely one of the best tiny homes that I have ever seen for its complete function for every occasion. Manuela

  5. Lisa A Turney says:

    The open concept tiny house is only missing one thing, an oven. What an awesome design. Everything is in a great place. Thanks for sharing Lisa

  6. Sean Flayed to says:

    How is it heated?

  7. Julie Bradley says:

    Love your Tiny House ! You did a great job with all your planning and ideas ! I envy you … Stay warm …. ( ;

  8. Xzena says:

    Love love this.. What is the price for one

  9. Jim Singleterry says:

    I wonder when you use the guest bed and regular bed at the same time how you access the upper bed. Do you anticipate using a ladder or stacking storage units to make a stairway?

  10. Abigail says:


  11. Debra Wilde says:

    Cute and functional homes. Very nice.

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