Bike Chair for Special Needs – allows you to take someone with limited mobility for a ride.

The Bike Chair is a custom designed tricycle for people who have limited mobility wanting to continue to enjoy cycling in the great outdoors.

The Bikechair was originally conceived and designed by Sunshine Coast local Bill Forward to enable his wife Glad to continue enjoy riding outdoors after she developed Alzheimer’s. The sight of Bill and Glad cycling together on their unique tricycle around local bikeways quickly gained the attention of locals resulting in a short video being made which told the couples inspiring story and how the Bikechair came about.

Watch the video here:


139 Responses to “Bike Chair for Special Needs – allows you to take someone with limited mobility for a ride.”

  1. Debra Allen says:

    I need this for my mom i ride a bike everywhere i go & i push her wheelchair everywhere

  2. Gini says:

    We need this for our daughter! Will any be for sale soon?

  3. Jen says:

    I would like availability in US, preferably Washington state.

  4. Donya Jackson says:

    Were can u get a bike that….I need one for my job

  5. Cindy says:

    How much

  6. Susan Sweetser says:

    Where can we get a bike chair and how much do they coat?

  7. Christina says:

    This is great. Wish I had sitting similar for my disabled daughter. Would be a great way to get out more.

  8. Sandra Ortega says:

    I have a 16 year old with spinal bifida would like some info please

  9. Deborah Wallace says:

    Where can I get one? How much does it cost?

  10. Liz says:

    Where can one be purchase and how much do they cost?

  11. Liz says:

    Asking for a friend how to purchase one of these bike.

  12. Liz says:

    Bike chair for special needs

  13. Arleth canez says:

    Omg this bike is amazing i wish i had one for my daughter that has cerebral palsy and take her for cruises around the neighbor. Thank you for sharing love to hear and see stories like this.

  14. Patricia says:

    I really like the story they told of the man with the bike I don’t know how much that Mike would cost I have a husband that’s got a lot of health issues and he can’t walk very far and I believe that would work out for us

  15. George Schmidt says:

    This is nothing new. I have a friend in Montana who built one several years ago.

  16. Arlene ScottJohnson says:


  17. Karen Grimes says:

    That is wonderful!! I have a handicap son and he and I would love to ride one but he cannot go on his feet the right way. Where did you get that one? Thankful, Karen

  18. Tammy Cady says:

    I’m wanting to know how to purchase this Bike I really want to get it for My Sister Who Son was hit by a car When he was just 3 years old He is now 13 An Has never had the chance to ride a Bike This would be So great for Both of them to Ha e Thanks So Much

  19. Emily says:

    How can I fing more information for this bikechaor

  20. Sandramplitt says:

    How much

  21. D says:

    How much is this bike? Would be perfect for my friend and her daughter.

  22. Cheryl says:

    May be interested in one of these bikes.
    Could you email me details and cost of this please.
    I work at a aged care facility and trying to introduce something like this for activity. Thanks in advancements

  23. Stacy nelson says:

    How to go about getting one of these bikes

  24. Kathy Doyon says:

    How can I get one of these bike chairs

  25. Angie Todd says:

    I need this! I have an adult son that is completely dependant. He loves outside, but he’s too big for any ride attachments. Would love more information…

  26. Aimee D Canning says:

    I have a friend who has a special needs adult child. She would like whatever information is available regarding the bikechair. Do you have a mailing address, email address or website I can pass on to her?

  27. Sarah Allison says:

    I don’t know why I have to do it this way.

  28. Tina Alvarado says:

    How much is the wheelchair bike?

  29. Priscilla Delhomme says:

    Please send info on bike chair.

  30. Alex Dumas says:

    Interesting and available in Canada?

  31. Stacey says:

    Hello, just wondering how much the bike scooter is that is shown?

  32. Ann says:

    Is it possible to speak with the designer because I’d love to have one of these for my child with special needs.

  33. susy christian says:

    So cool great idea

  34. Marcus says:

    How much

  35. Patti gunter says:

    Do you sell these bikes? I have a grandchild in a wheelchair and would love to ourchase this bike.

  36. Debra Minervino says:

    Where can I purchase one???

  37. Heide says:

    Wondering how much a bike like that would cost, my friend sure could use it for her adult son who is handicapped. Shes a serious bike rider & wozld get so much use out of it.

  38. Danielle Downing says:

    How much

  39. Hannalore says:

    Omg this is so awesome!!

  40. Mary Nguyen says:

    I want to know how much cost chair with bike?

  41. Carla Ward says:

    How much r these

  42. Joyce says:

    How much is the bike chair, I’m a single mom raising a special needs adult dependent w/nf-1. Her three wheel tricycle was stolen two years ago n don’t have the funds to replace it.

  43. Cynthia Bernhardt says:

    Is this bike being sold now? My husband is in a wheelchair and would love this.

  44. Xylana says:

    Are these being made and sold any where?

  45. Bonnie Knopp says:

    Where can I buy a bike chair?

  46. Charles Tate says:

    How can i go about getting one of these bikes ?

  47. Shaun says:

    Where can we purchase this product!

  48. Crystal rush says:

    How do you require on getting one of these I have a friend who could use once he has a daughter who is in a wheelchair and she could really use one to get around and take her daughter for bike rides

  49. Edith Ordoyne says:

    I wish so badly they sold a seat like this to take the place of the actual bicycle seat. My daughter is 27 and 1p36 deletion and autistic spectrum. She has always wanted to be able to ride a bike. She has just learned to peddle all the way atound on a stand still contraption. Her fear and what with holds the seats on bikes are not supportive enough for her to feel comfortable and safe.

  50. Denise Lateur says:

    I would like to know how much this bike cost my friend could use this for her and her son thanks

  51. says:

    Hi I’m curious on how much this bike cost?

  52. Deb says:

    Such a wonderful love and devotion. I was married 22yrs with a man whom started out with love but ended with his own self love. I’m now married to a man that treats me with love and devotion the way you have for your wife. God Bless you both heres hoping you will have 20 more years of happiness .

  53. jackie dixon says:

    is there a price list for these please

  54. Carol Parham says:

    Would like a catalog if you have one

  55. Lauren Stinnett says:

    How much are one of these bikes?? My son is special needs and I would absolutely love this for him!

  56. Sharon Epley says:

    I love this bike chair where can I buy it

  57. Becky Edge says:

    Are these available to the general public if so where might I get information on it

  58. Robin Bowen says:

    Is this covered by insurance?

  59. Susie Edwards says:

    How do you get a bikechair?

  60. Francina says:

    Where can I get that bike. I need one so I can give my daughter rides shes paralyzed from the waist down.

  61. Angie Carswell says:

    I really need one for my special need daughter. She’s bor with two types of muscle disorders

  62. Ernestina F Amaya says:

    I love this design but for future things or maybe even changing this title. it’s disabled people or people with disabilities not special needs

  63. Patricia says:

    Our daughter is special needs and we are looking in to something like that bike. Would like to know the cost and details about this bike.

  64. Janice Gifford says:

    Can my insurance pay for it!

  65. Carol says:

    Are these bike chai for special needs available for purchase?

  66. Raúl López says:

    I wood love to have a Nike like that so i can take my 37 Gear dauther for a Nike
    rinde my dauther have cerebral palsy
    I dont no if i can a for that but I like to see what I can do to get her one if you can help me with that

  67. Laura Romero says:

    My mother too has Alzheimer’s, and we usually go for long walks, but because of her later stages it’s been more difficult. She would be extremely happy if I could peddle her all over town. I love your consent and also have a friend that is quadriplegic and we could spend my off time that I’m not with my mom enjoy so much outdoors!!!

  68. Julia says:

    Would love to see this with a motor on the bike. I could not pedal my 375 pound disabled husband on this bike without a motor.

  69. Cheryl guthrie says:

    My family would love one of these. Where can I buy one?
    Thank you!

  70. Santie says:

    I have son with TBI please can you send more info re cost etc
    Seriously interested

  71. Guadalupe says:

    This is awesome. How much does it cost. Perfect for my husband and myself im an amputee.

  72. says:

    How much are these?

  73. Jennifer Hallock says:

    I would buy this for my son and I to go cycling. He is 26 years old with Cerebral Palsy. I cried the day of his 17th birthday when he received his adaptive bicycle and peddled it by himself. With his mobility declining I think he will benefit from this.

  74. Cindy says:

    Such a GREAT story Thanks for sharing ❤️

  75. Peter Huggler says:

    How do you purchase one of these bikes?

  76. LESTER FAIMAN says:

    Are the bike chairs available for purchase – from where and how much member of a non profit volunteer organization since 1921 we have assisted individuals and groups with special needs?

  77. Michele Harris says:

    I would like to purchase a bike like that for my grand mother. Do you sell them

  78. Teresa says:

    My mom would love this! She is 69 and has COPD and unfortunately it’s progressing, she operates on 23% of her lung capacity and she is also a breast cancer survivor. She Longs for the good old days where she can ride a bike, drive a car, the simple things. If we had this it would be so fun to take her out for fresh air and trails. She would absolutely love it!

  79. Victoria Hoyt says:

    I am really interested in getting one of these for my daughter who is 8 years old quadriplegic and on portable life-support please let me know how I can get one

  80. Marisela Flores says:

    This is so awesome. ?

  81. Becky says:

    We need this

  82. Tonya Farley says:

    What is price on bike wheelchair

  83. Will ellis says:

    Hi. I am really interested in the bike chair. I have two Autistic kids who would benefit from this. Wondering price?

  84. Erika Chavez says:

    I need one of these for my sister! She used to love riding her bike when she was little and loved when her HS teacher got something similar to be able to take my sister and other kids on bike rides bc he knows how much my sister LOVED the outdoors and couldn’t ride a bike on her own because of her seizures… she hasn’t been in one for about 8 years ?

  85. Stacey katona says:

    How do you steer the bike chair? It would seem that with the person’s weight it would be difficult.

  86. DeeAnn says:

    How much for the bike?

  87. Paula Marshall says:

    I don’t see any brakes you can set like a wheelchair so you don’t need two people.

  88. P says:

    If the seat were wider, the handle bars longer and further back closer to the seat and the pedals further forward like a recumbent bike, it would be easier to ride. With the seat in front it would be harder to steer. But the concept is awesome.

  89. Battiena Schexnyder says:

    Want info on the special needs bike

  90. Buddy Sills says:

    I would like information on this I have a daughter that I could really used this with to get her more noble

  91. Tim W Mueller says:

    How do I get one and what does it cost?

  92. AJ says:

    How can you order this?

  93. Dawn Starmann says:

    I love this bike. Was wondering if we are able to purchase one if available. Would love to be able to give my disabled mother a ride in this. She loves being outside with Mother Nature and watching all the things around her. If you could please let me know if this is available and the cost. Thank you so much

  94. Antonio Guillemette says:

    I am extremely intrested in the purchase of one.

  95. Margaret Page says:

    Love to have the bike chair for our bike I have fibromyalgia and my husband loves to ride his bike and we would love for me to get to join him

  96. Ashley king says:

    How can i purchase

  97. Karen Redmiles says:

    I want and need one how to I get one?

  98. Barbara Taylor says:

    Looks really nice

  99. Susie Walker says:

    This would be perfect for my daughter with Downs Syndrome and I.

  100. Carey says:

    My wife is a paraplegic and would love to be able to go for a bike ride with me as I live in the beautiful city of Camrose and we have great Nick trails along the lake and beyond

  101. Jan Crews says:

    I would like more information about buying a bike chair.
    My daughter has never rode a bike because she is blind.
    This is so nice!!! Thank you.

  102. Evelyn Varne says:

    I would like more info on the special needs bike, with chair on front. I cannot see where to get info, or purchasing price.
    I have a special needs daughter, and would love one of these bikes.
    Thanks, Evelyn

  103. Susan says:

    This will be awsome for my son with autism I would test it be4 it is to be put out on the market for sale

  104. Kimberly vanderwerff says:

    Would like to Know more about this bike

  105. Sheryl Knott says:

    Interested for my 9 year old grandson Jaxon. He has autism, nonverbal, poor motor skills but is such a happy boy and would absolutely benefit from this. Please email the info.
    Thank you
    Sheryl Knott

  106. Martha alfonso says:

    How beautiful this is true love.

  107. Chuck heck says:

    Would love to know more about the chair bike

  108. Deborah says:

    My grandson birthday is soon,He would love one bike like this.

  109. Suzanne McAllister says:

    That is really awesome. I am head injured and I wish I had something like that. I could have enjoyed that with my friends.

  110. Lorri Basil says:

    Very interested in this bicycle

  111. Denise little says:

    How cant it be purchased

  112. Jaime says:

    Amazing story!! Are there still men like this out there in this younger generation?? U truly are one of a kind couple princes&her William ❤️

  113. Bob Bennett says:

    Great Idea!!!!! How much does one cost? I’m very interested in purchasing one this summer. Thank You.

  114. Lois Schmucker says:

    How much does one of these bikes cost?

  115. Steven Baker says:

    I could really use this bike for my son cause my son uses a wheelchair every day of hes life and doesn’t get to go outside very much this would be an amazing bike for my son to be able to go outside please pick us this would be an amazing gift for my son

  116. Holly thompson says:

    Hi! Can you get me in contact with the maker of that bike? I can’t find one similar and would love to have one like it for my disabled growing daughter. Beautiful story! Well done! This couple has it right❤️ Worth a shot.. thank you! Holly Thompson ?

  117. Teresa Campbell says:

    Where can I get one of these bikes? I have a special needs granddaughter that loves the outdoors

  118. Frank mendez says:

    My wife have been looking for a bike like this for our special needs daughter. Can you tell me what the cost is and where we could purchase one.

  119. Battiena Schexnyder says:

    Looking into a bike for my grsndsony

  120. Sandra McNeil says:

    Where do you find the information on purchasing a bike chair?

  121. Linda says:

    What are the prices for the bike??

  122. Justeen medlin says:

    I was wondering how much are the special needs bikes?

  123. Lizbeth Castellanos says:

    How much is one of these bikes? And where can I find one? My mother has Alzheimer’s and I would love to get one of these for her.

  124. Lana says:

    Can you please send me information about this special needs bike. As well as price.

  125. Wences Lopez says:

    I’m Interested to wheelchair bike

  126. Kathy Hatfield says:

    My mom has dementia and she likes being outside. I would love to get a bike so I can take her for rides. Wondering what the cost.

  127. Terrie Hess-Chappell says:

    Please send me some information on this special news bike. My husband has had a series of strokes & he was always an outdoors type person! I’m always looking for a way to get him out & about!!

  128. Mary Carroll says:

    Could I please request some information on this bike ; how much, is it suitable for child with disabilities, is it possible to use harness strap & where it can be purchased

  129. Brad says:

    Hi, i need a chair bike, can you please supply me details so i can purchase this item,Brad, thankyou

  130. Christina Flores says:

    Where can I get one. I need one for my son.

  131. Patricia says:

    My daughter is disabled and loves going for rides but can’t move her legs to operate the pedals on the double bike we have. This bike is perfect for her. Will you send information regarding how or where to purchase. Thank you.

  132. Catherine says:

    Where can I purchase this in Canada

  133. Diane Stoler says:

    I am interested in the bike chair for special needs.
    Where can this be purchased?

  134. Sandy Fuqua says:

    I’m lookingbinto this for my father who enjoys getting out and about. He lives on the gulf coast of FL. I’m interested in the price of this bike chair and if they are sold on line or in actual retail stores.

  135. Amy says:

    My husband had CP and cannot operate a bike. This chair bike would be amazing. Please send link to where I can buy something like that.

  136. Javier says:

    Would you please share where can I get one of these bikes?

  137. Pam Stanley says:

    I work in a skilled nursing facility and we so want one of these to get our residents out of their rooms, They’ve been couped up for almost 2 years thanks to covid. Can you tell me how we can purchase one, Please? The price and everything?

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