Build An Arched Cabin For Under $4,000


Have you ever wanted to be the owner of a small cabin and use it whenever you want? Well with this kit, you can actually build your own cabin in a weekend for less than $4,000. The company specializes in kits for small metal structures of 14 by 20 feet which can fit right in your backyard. Having such a can be helpful in many cases, such as needing an extra space for your home office or having a cozy space for your guests. This cute little cabin can also be used as a studio or workshop for those of you who are into arts and crafts. For more details about the manufacturer and the interior of the cabin, please visit the link below and tell us your thoughts about this ingenious housing option.



Arched-Cabins-2Community of studios connected by decking

Arched-Cabins-3Erecting the steel ribs and roofing

Arched-Cabins-4Framing the end caps



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