Build Your Own Swimming Pool From Bales Of Hay


The magazines and internet have misled you into believing that a swimming pool is something for the rich, or at least for some who have a couple of thousands of dollars to spare on such a project. Three boys prove this thing to be wrong! At least with a shallow depth pool. And with the summer slowly building up its hot days to stay for the next few months, you might be tempted to choose their cheap and simple solution to make your own swimming pool. The DIY project only involves using bales of hay, plastic sheets, some rope and (obviously) water. After you’ve chosen the right spot for the hay, place it evenly across and in a square perimeter. Place over the sheet of plastic. If it isn’t large enough, you could tape a couple of them together. Secure with some rope around the bales and start pouring water into the center. In no time you will get a perfectly usable swimming pool, great for lounging beneath the hot summer breeze. Don’t wait until it’s too late, make this DIY swimming pool with the help of bales of hay.






126 Responses to “Build Your Own Swimming Pool From Bales Of Hay”

  1. jennifer says:

    What about cleanliness, chlorine, yuk.a bunch of bodies in a soup, ick.

    • Jens says:

      just my thought as well, jennifer – and what a waste of clean drinking water, that just vaporises due to the large surface of the pool

      • Just Someone says:

        And it still is drinking water since water never disappears. It’s either liquid, gaseous, or frozen. It will evaporate, rise, turn into clouds, then it will rain, the rain will go into reservoirs, be piped into a processing plant to be cleaned, be pumped out into pipes that lead to a house and when someone turns the faucet on out comes that same water. Are YOU smarter than a 5th grader? 😉

        • kiki says:

          I am smarter than even a 12th grader, and I know that our nation’s groundwater is a limited supply. Time to up your game, go for 8th grade! 🙂

          • ScienceGuy says:

            When that pool is dumped in the fall the water goes right back where it came from. Evaporation is likely more than offset by rainfall.

            Time to stop listening to the pseudo-science & eco-ignorant.

            Pay more attention to the chemicals you buy, the drugs you take and the food you eat as every one of these items has an effect on the water supply that’s magnitudes of order greater than a swimming pool that.

          • H2OK9 says:

            There is the same amount of water on the earth today as there was 10,000 years ago.

        • Science says:

          Thanks Just Someone, Yes, there is same amount of water on the world today as there was 10,000 years ago.

      • David says:

        Well said Someone. There is just as much water on earth down to the last drop in any form liquid, frozen, vapor and the seldom thought of Mineralized state. as there was 3 billion years ago. It’s recently been proven that there is at least two-times the amount of surface and near surface water locked in mineralized form in the earths crust waiting to be released.

    • blooms says:

      jennifer, you’re a sad person. go and live the rest of your life in a cave.

    • Scott says:

      This is why women never invent anything and don’t belong in STEM fields.

      • JR says:

        Wow, so Neanderthal, Scott. Sounds to me like to have a bone to pick with someone. Probably a woman scientist who is above your pay grade.

      • wanda says:

        things invented by women: the circular saw, paper bag, Kevlar, foot pedal trash can, windshield wipers, liquid paper, the dish washer, signal flares, submarine telescope, and scotchguard, just to name a few. you, Scott, are apparently very ignorant and do not belong in any STEM field yourself.

        • Dancing Queen says:

          Sorry, nice try, but windshield wipers were not invented by a woman. Check your facts because you make all women look bad when you exaggerate.

      • dani says:

        Here are just a few of the women inventors of the world. I suggest you do research before you make stupid comments.

        Berenice Abbott
        Concepción Aleixandre
        Randi Altschul
        Betsy Ancker-Johnson
        Beth Anderson (composer)
        Mary Anderson (inventor)
        Suz Andreasen
        Princess Anne of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg
        Virginia Apgar
        Ruth Arnon
        Barbara Askins
        Hertha Ayrton
        Tabitha Babbitt
        Betty Lou Bailey
        Ellene Alice Bailey
        Alice Pike Barney
        Janet Emerson Bashen
        Patricia Bath
        Ruth R. Benerito
        Miriam Benjamin
        Melitta Bentz
        Theresa Berkley
        Barbara Beskind
        Hazel Bishop
        Sara Blakely
        Helen Blanchard
        Joani Blank
        Katharine Burr Blodgett
        Bessie Blount Griffin
        Marie Boivin
        Vanna Bonta
        Sarah Boone
        Louise Brigham
        Yvonne Brill
        Marie Van Brittan Brown
        Rachel Fuller Brown
        Maria Christina Bruhn
        Mary Brush
        Maya Burhanpurkar
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        Inga Stephens Pratt Clark
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        Jamie Lee Curtis
        Constance Demby
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        Marion Donovan
        Emily C. Duncan
        Ellen Eglin
        Gertrude B. Elion
        Amalia Eriksson
        Judith Esser-Mittag
        Fiona Fairhurst
        Myra Juliet Farrell
        Edith M. Flanigen
        Eunice Newton Foote
        Helen Murray Free

        • abolishliberalism says:

          Jamie Lee Curtis? hat did she invent? Bad Acting??

          • Kenna says:

            Good thing that in the conservative world the name “Jamie Lee Curtis” is super rare and could only be held by one woman… obviously the comedic actress.
            You know what is so awesome about Conservatives?
            They are so normal…! You Can count on them to be predictable. They reject anything that is abnormal… weird… non-standard… unfamiliar… When something comes along that they all have not already seen before it is immediately rejected because whatever it is could potentially be bad… A friggin liberal would see it as potentially good and might end up with a bad consequence… right? Why risk it when there are so many good traditions already established that we are comfortable with.
            Otherwise as a society we have to keep learning and changing to keep up when we should be fishing and bar-b-queing…
            As a woman I can tell you there is no bigger turn on than a traditional man… One who turns against weird… wrong… unusual… different… unique… new lookin… artistic… speci… anyway, to remain the same as all his friends are ordinary… the same as everyone else should be. Because who needs fashion when you have cowboy boots! Right?! And who needs that ugly new abstract art when you have lovely drawings of Elvis or Jesus or deer? And who needs to learn weird new hippie liberal stuff and expand their minds so they can “evolve”? Evolve for what? To stop having fun? To stop knowing that real love is loving our families more than everyone else is how you really love… Stop fighting for America because America is number one and if you don’t think so then you shouldn’t have been born here. And if you were not born here then you should not be here other wise you should have made it so that you were born here. They want conservatives to learn new stuff so we can care about the environment but I have a life to lead you know!

    • Virginia says:

      Jennifer, if you have the space and aren’t prohibited by city regulations or homeowners association covenants, you can easily construct a rainwater collection system. We’ve received enough rainwater in Missouri this year to easily fill a large pool, possibly in a single day. You can also buy pool filters and chlorine, if you want them. If you live in the country and want to do a little research, you can build a bio-system which uses plants and even fish to purify the water and pump it back in the pool. I recently saw one constructed in Florida on “Insane Pools,” on the Animal Planet channel. There’s also a British guy who creates natural looking pools with bio-filters. Many of these bio-filter systems are beginning to be used by larger municipal treatment systems because they are easier and less expensive to maintain. And they are much better for the environment because you don’t need to pollute the water or the atmosphere with chlorine, which is a poison.

    • Toby says:

      if you could see the muck in your standard swimming pool, including dead skin, hair, plasters, nails etc….. you would never go in a pool again, people swim in the sea, rivers and lakes with out chlorine. really need to pull that stick out your ass love. top job btw guys simple, cheap and effective 😉

      • Susan says:

        Toby, we have a pool filtet it removes everything even the alge. We. Have skimmer for clean water. Not sure what pools you have been swimming in.

        • Rod says:

          yes lets swim in chemicals that leech into our skins and create pathways for all these germs that are in swimming pools. or swin in unchemicalized waters that have probably less filth per parts per million where are natural defense systems will prevent diseases. But remember you still can’t drink the water.

    • Brenda Peoples says:

      You know how to pout a damper on something neat. Its for a party or weekend fun,all you have to do go is go to the pool supplies and add some pool chlorine, such a simplke fix for cleaniness and still have fun….

  2. Serena says:

    What a way to kill it Jennifer , there are such things as filters and I think it sounds great with or with out filter , and it’s called having fun !!!!!! 🙂

  3. Tammy says:

    Just easily attach pump to the pool between the bale of hay and pool liner. Also buy inexpensive pH tester for chlorine levels and bacteria levels.

  4. Robert says:

    How much was the cost for the hay and the liner?

    • Just Someone says:

      I was thinking that too. For the amount of money they spent they could have bought an ez set pool LOL

  5. joyofweaving says:

    My husband is a really tall guy and he’d love to have a tub that he can just sit and soak in. I think we just found our solution! Black tarp for liner and solar heat the water. I can’t wait to show this to him. Thanks for the post!

  6. Abdelhamid says:

    I agree…just have fun and give a moment of happiness to ur childrens.

  7. Charley says:

    Most plastics break down very quickly in the sun, leaving you with a lot of trash and wasted water during the nation’s worst drought ever.

    • Xavier says:

      Is it really the worst? Down where I am in texas, it’s been pretty nice.

      • Dallas says:

        yes Texas is in by the worst shape! Farmlands are drying up everywhere in Texas.

        • Rebecca says:

          FFS no it is NOT a drought in Texas right now.
          Do you even watch the news? There’s massive flooding all over the place in Texass. It’s been raining for DAYS there.
          There WAS a drought in Texass a couple years ago, but I’m pretty sure it’s over now!!

    • SueS says:

      Worried about water in Texas? Look into the amount used for fracking! Be sure to read about the end condition of the water used for fracking.

      Make this smaller and use to water plants and such when finished. Less waste than many of the fountains frequently used in commercial landscape.

  8. grace says:

    I am from Mississippi and a true booded southern down to earth redneck and here in the Delta this would be welcomed with opened armws and mouths. Great ideal. Gonna share with everyone cause it is very much needed! Thank you for the sharing

  9. Me says:

    It doesn’t matter the idea – someone will always find fault in it; there is too much negativity!

  10. Paddetrs says:

    good idea. its not hard to hook up a water filter and pump from a cheap inflatapool if not this would make a great ?wicking? garden bed.

  11. Jaz says:

    it doesn’t look natural. I’d prefer a pool that blended with the surrounding landscape and looked as if it had been there all along. I’m sure with more creativity it could be done. And I’m sure this is an example of something that could be broken down quickly at the end-of-season, but still :-/

  12. Christine says:

    there having fun !
    there getting exercise !
    there not doing drugs!
    there working together !…… what more can you won’t as a parent ?

    • Leslie says:

      They’re* having fun!
      They’re getting exercise!
      They’re not doing drugs!
      They’re working together!
      What more could you want as a parent?

      You know what, never mind.
      Your heart was in the right place.

      • linda says:

        Leslie, maybe they’re having fun over there to, too, two. I kinda no that.
        Funny story along that line, we had a lady working for us in our store. One day we came in & she had left us a note, “I cleaned up & packed stuff behind the mere.” It took us a while to figure out she meant mirror.

      • PAT RUDD says:

        you go Lealie you dont see much of this any more

    • Karen says:

      Learn spelling and grammar.

      • ldcomm says:

        You Karen and Leslie are just plain jerks! What do you do, troll these sights all day just to find someone to correct and make feel like dirt? You go way off the subject just to “be right.” Shame on you. Get a life.

    • Misty says:

      EXACTLY! Its creativity, its fun! There staying out of trouble and using their brains!

    • Tom says:

      Better grammar?

    • BH Watson says:

      It looks like a nice idea to me. Just be sure to put a fence around it so the young ones don’t get in the water unsupervised.

  13. john says:

    What a bunch of haters.

  14. Brenda says:

    And what about making do with what you have and being resourceful?!? Not to mention using your imagination…. Something that is quickly becoming a thing of the past with this generation!

  15. JannieG says:

    Wow.. what a bunch of fuktards. Yea i said it. “We want to blend the landscape and this bail of hay is sticking out like a sore thumn….” blah blah blah. Well I guess if u have the funding to BLEND your landscape you would not be shopping for a pool over here. Get a grip people. The plastic is gonna to break down and murk up the water. What a bunch of looser villains. But a less cheap plastic! I am going to jump out on a limb and suggest this idea is temporary pool. Not a year to year gig. Have fun with it. I know I would if I was able to get down on the farm! Hey Zues!

  16. orthis says:

    Well they could have built it inside like this one…

  17. Leslie says:

    Gosh, there are a bunch of grouches commenting here. You would be so much happier if you could turn loose of your negativity and see that what we have here is some kids having fun solving a problem and learning a few things and having some transitory fun. None of your concerns hold water, nothing they are doing is causing any harm. Smile, everyone.

    • ldcomm says:

      Exactly! They just have to be “right.” They’re gonna end up right and all alone if they don’t figure out.

  18. betty says:

    I think it is a great idea. As far as it being a waste and the water being gross. Think of the water in some lakes or ponds. As for the hay if they use it and then use later for the animals or feed you are recycling it. If the plastic does not break down then it can be reused for covering something for the winter.

  19. Beverly says:

    Needs too be way deeper. U no rednecks when they drink.they will dive lol

  20. Allen (NZ) says:

    It’s an idea, and a cool one. Why buy when you can make it… and have lots of fun. And it would be an achievement.
    How cool is going to a shop and buying it all the time.
    Very “OLD SCHOOL” and community minded, if you can get yours mates or family to help.
    As for water use…… Do you complain when you go to the local community pool, or swim in your neighbors big inground 25k, litre pool.
    Always nice to be able to do stuff for yourself.

  21. Lee says:

    These kids were probably just bored and looking for some way to occupy themselves on a summer break. I see that they’ve done a very good and creative job at building a swimming pool from things you’d never expect to use for that purpose. It was quite intelligent on their part.

    Accolades! Enjoy your pool, boys. And when you empty it, mulch the garden with the hay bales.

    Oh, and, I wouldn’t worry to much about pollution. I don’t think they’ll cause the world to spin off axis or accelerate global warming…!

  22. nas seattle says:

    Gramer police belong on a diferert sighte.

  23. Roberto says:

    Awesome. Good job guys. All you people bitching about a waste of water. You are to never swim anywhere, use a toilet, don’t drink soda, juice, coffee, alcohol or tea. Stop showering and never shower again, don’t drive any kind of vehicle. There is about 1.7 billion things water is used for, in and with.
    Making a point to ignorant people is always fun.
    What they have done with making their own pool is fucking awesome.
    Your ALL jealous because you didn’t think of it first.

  24. Robert Burgess says:

    And you believe in global warming?

  25. Kaye says:

    Try stacking five or ten thousand bales of hay throughout the heat of the summer; you’d love to jump into that hay pool at the end of the day. All you city folks should take a drive out into the country once in awhile.

  26. Person says:

    what is wrong with you. Just because one person says one thing doesn’t mean that goes for an entire s*x. S*XIST PIG.

  27. Linda Steaples says:

    OMGOSH some people are just plain stupid !!!! THIS IS SO THIS IS AWESOME IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE !!

  28. Brenda M-M says:

    I think the boys deserve to be congratulated on using their brains instead of just expecting stuff to be handed to them. The grumpy wet panty brigade should keep their noses out of other peoples business, I didn’t see one post asking you to pay for the water, nor did I see them ask for your hay. So at the risk of the grammer police complaining “go bite your bum and leave the kids alone”

  29. Kathy says:

    I love these boy’s creativity!!! Great design! Are you guys homeschoolers?
    We need to have more kids OUTSIDE playing and creating, instead of attatched to computers and celphones 24/7 , don’t get me wrong. I see good uses for electronics but controled and in their place.
    Great Job Guys!!!

  30. joez says:

    Hanging out with the kids who put this together…………fun!

    Hanging out with most of the turds who responded above………………….. no fun!

  31. Jeanne says:

    I am surprised by the number of negative posts. Why do you follow this group if you dislike the ideas so much. BTW no-one is forcing you to make this. It is just an idea to have some fun for the summer

  32. Gail says:

    As interesting as this idea is for a pool, I think it would also make an awsome duck/goose pond. Put a couple blocks next to it for ducks and geese to climb up on and they would be swimming in a matter of minutes.

  33. Gary says:

    Now with a tarp large enough and round bails I would build a huge pool

  34. Kelli says:

    Where do you find a huge tarp that size?

  35. Richard Bininya says:

    Anybody been around a wet bale of hay? Not pleasant. This is a great idea for dog days of summer and if you have hay and tarp readily available a wonderful way to cool off. Wouldn’t invest much or count on reusing after a winter. 3 or 4 days in intense sun and heat algae grows so chemical/filtration would be desired or you would be swimming in a lifeless pond.
    Why not dig a hole, line it with liner, fill with water and enjoy. Use a filter, treat the water or just refill as needed using the stagnant water for all outdoor watering purposes?

  36. drenbow says:

    Looks like a ton of fun!!! Not a waste of water! Blow up backyard pools everywhere!! Been around for decades! !! I think it is awesome and inventive! !!!!!

  37. pool builder champaign says:

    Does the pool just look “tired” and out of date? If you’re looking at the pool aesthetics you have likely already decided that they are out of date. Adding new coping or pool tiles or even a new liner will amp up the beauty.

  38. Tammy says:

    Too funny, were you raised dirt free, every kid plays in the dirt and swims in dirty lakes/creeks etc…a hay bale pool is obviously temporary.

  39. Tammy says:

    My last post was me laughing at the oooh ick what about cleanliness comments lol…I’m making one of these soon!!

  40. Patti says:

    I think you boys did a wonderful job! Great idea. Great way to have fun together and make good summer memories. Reminds me of my childhood. Enjoy every moment of life.

  41. sweet/tnt says:

    buy a inexpensive pump and sand filter and piping to clean the water. Along with chemicals. I could care less about this being redneck since I live in the country. It’s about having fun with the kids. Afterwards you could donate the bails of hay to someone who needs them at their farm. If this is too redneck for some people, I’m sure you may have plenty of money for a $20,000 pool. I don’t. I’m going to do this for my grandkids and have fun doing it.

  42. russellseabright says:

    It would be so easy to plumb that.It is on real.Funky Cole Medina

  43. angel says:

    Im just happy to see young men this age out doing some actual physical work..So many these days simply play on their phone or tv…this is nice…

  44. Toby says:

    Nice work guys, simple and effective

  45. Rotflmao..... says:

    Lmao….wondering who would be exiled from the compound first….

  46. Becky says:

    Heck when I was growing up we had a big trough to swim in and I’m still alive. I’ve been around the bail pools and have also had friends put pool liners in the bed of their trucks so they have a truck pool…..none of them ever had chlorine or a filtering system on them.

  47. Susan wright says:

    So many of y’all are so negative about people trying to have a good time
    Dump some salt in that “pool”
    That’ll keep it sanitary.
    And If not oh well
    It’s their fun
    Not yours
    If U don’t like it don’t look at it.
    That goes for everything
    Such ugly and hateful people- with nothing better to do but sit on Facebook and nit pick others
    Not cool
    Stop being mean

  48. Jen says:

    I doubt this cost them a ton of money – going off the barn you can see in the background and the look of that hay, it’s old hay and I’d wager it was stuff laying around that had gotten damp, etc. I grew up on a farm and when we had bad bales or old stuff, us kids would get them to build hay forts out of, or do exactly what they did – make a pool! Which we totally did – though ours was on a slight hill so we made a pool/slip and slide. 🙂
    And ya know…I’m sure we could have begged our parents to drive us 20 miles to town to go to the public pool and I KNOW we all could have ridden our bikes to the water hole a couple miles away to swim, but that didn’t matter – we wanted to see if we could build our own pool. Half the fun was coming up with the idea and executing it!

    I personally think it’s great to see some kids doing something like this – everyone is so afraid of everything anymore and so many kids don’t do anything and just mess around on their phones, etc…good to see some that are getting out and trying to do something. We did stuff like this all the time growing up. We were obsessed with different pool ideas – we even lined an old truck with plastic and tried to use that as a pool. haha.

    All the negativity is sad to me. Stuff like this is never put up to be permanent, so what’s the big deal? You don’t know where those people live and what their water situation is….all the people I listen to complain about water around me in the metro area I live in now, ironically always have picture perfect yards and they’re fine with water being used to make their 6 cups of Starbucks a day and wash their car once a week. =P Pooh.

  49. Odd Job Bob says:

    The water will go back to nature, the hay will still be usable and the sheet has many uses. The worse thing about this post for me is the amount of sad people who have nothing better to do than find fault with these kids. All of your angles are unjustified, there is far less environmental impact here than there would be if the kids were driven to a theme park and far better health benefits than them sitting on a computer game and after all that, the worse thing of all is people who correct grammar, go get yourselves a less pointless existence, no positive change is going to come to your sofa.

  50. winterelm says:

    Joy, you could also cover your pool/tub with a clear plexiglass sheet to keep the heat in while your water is heating.

  51. Micky says:

    What a fabulous idea! And making it into a duck pond even better! It’s a great job for my son’s to work on. Getting straw bales instead of hay bales cost next to nothing. Kids can splash around and get cool. The dog can play in it. I can annoy my snooty neighbors with it.

  52. h. stentz says:

    It’s a damn pool u fuckin trolls!! Have fun swim and LIVE a little would ya

  53. Amanda Collins says:

    Damn . Smmfh

  54. Annette says:

    Not even a intelligent reply cave man steve…but you know it was stupid but to self-centered to care. We first invented how to deal with pain from childbirth, and then how to deal with children who grew up to not be so thoughtful when they open their mouth. That was in the first year…go back to the man cave there are still rocks there for you to use as a pillow for your nomadic head. ..

  55. Annette says:

    Not even a intelligent reply cave man scott…but you know it was stupid but to self-centered to care. We first invented how to deal with pain from childbirth, and then how to deal with children who grew up to not be so thoughtful when they open their mouth. That was in the first year…go back to the man cave there are still rocks there for you to use as a pillow for your nomadic head. ..

  56. roberto rubio says:

    where can I buy the plastic used to make it? whats the name of that plastic?

  57. common pool shapes says:

    A spring pool project means you are one of the first in line for the newly released pool items. Pool manufacturers typically announce their upgrades and updates and release new projects at the beginning of the year — just in time for pool construction season.

  58. Jesse says:


  59. aarinikispop says:

    omg, I’m trying to really find out about the specifics of the project, NOT all this back and forth HATE AND OPINIONS!!! Sheesh, people can’t either say something nice, or DON’T SAY ANYTHING, SMH. If the the makers are still monitoring, this is a cool, fun project, even if we keep for just a summer, would be fun for the kids, if the price and materials make sense, would you break down costs and where to obtain, thanks so much, great idea!!!

  60. Melissa says:

    I’m gonna tell u as one of the people in the worst part of America for humidity, this would be extremely welcome.. Might I remind y’all too.. How do pools get fill and cleaned, OMG it’s called maintenance! They sell chlorine n filters w/o a pool for a reason, duh!

  61. NoOneImportant says:

    A painters drop cloth (made of thick plastic) can be as expensive as 20 dollars. The hay buy in the spring many farmers sell old livestock inedible bales for 1 dollar each or sometimes free. So max on hay is like 30 bucks. So for 50 bucks you get a 4 foot deep, 10 foot wide by 15 foot long pool instead of paying 100 for a pool that is 4 foot deep and 8 foot in diameter. Im gonna set one of these up for my dogs 🙂

  62. TommyBoy says:

    This post was simply about building a pool out of hay bails, plastic sheets and rope; a DIY idea for some summer fun; why did you turn it into an environmental issue? Please get over yourself….oh, and Scott is right: some women are idiots. Don’t believe me? Re-read your replies that clearly reflect your intellect….OK?

  63. Godwin says:

    I’m a pool instructor if u need me pls call on dis number +2347037381575 or u get me on my chimo onugo or my email tnx.?

  64. Knutt says:

    Thanks guys, from your ingenious idea you’ve solved my cistern problem… I’ve been working on a water catch system, this is just the right solution which is temporary so I can try out collecting house hold grey water & rain to use to water my garden… with a few tweaks I think this is going to work. Once I can show that it is a viable alternative I can convince my husband to create a more permanent holding tank. and who knows maybe I’ll make a pool too lol

  65. Kenneth Shull says:

    Ignorant city folks, We live in the country and have hay or straw all the time. It is basically free. And water isnot a problem either. Tell all those golf course owners to quit waisting water on a useless piece of grass for useless oldfart golfers who are too lazy to get real exercise. They should cut, split and stack firewood or dig some ditches for real exercise.

  66. Larry Klemmer says:

    The drawback is nice will nest in the straw and than you could have a huge problem when fall comes!

  67. sharon says:

    Straw is not cheaper than hay and straw is much harder and likely to stab holes into plastic. Use hay like it says.

  68. Jennifer Taylor says:

    Awesome. Good times with good people and great friends. This people is how you make a regular old bond fire field party ect.. Something youll never forget a night a memory that always makeputs a huge smile on your face no matter how many year’s it’s been.
    Fy trust me none of the negative downers would have been invited .any way. They we’re kids that all worked together pretty damb hard for one or two nights that will be with them forever

  69. KS_Girl says:

    How much is a bale of hay? Also, where can I purchase a large liner like that? This is a great idea for the kids and I to do for summer fun, and even a weekend pool party.

  70. Renee Elbel says:

    how you people turn something as simple as a homemade swimming pool into an argument is beyond me, this is not battle of the minds!

  71. Donna says:

    What a great idea. My Cajun ass is poor as shit and this is just awesome idea. So the stupidity is just that STUPIDITY!!!enjoy your summer boys! While the rest of the idiots are sweating there butts off play HARD!

  72. Dawn says:

    Catch some water off the roof next time it rains. 🙂

  73. Rose says:

    Well said!!!!

  74. An says:

    What about a pool filter and pump? It isn’t hard to imagine. Any pool had those issues hay bale or fiberglass. Smh

  75. Kim DeHart says:

    People are just worthless these days. All they want to do is listen to themselves and try to sound so above and better when in fact … they just look like pathetic ego maniac .. fuktards.

  76. Itsme says:

    Haha i was thinking something like that. Giving these kids shit when they actually got off the phone, arent playing video games…. and made them selves a pool!! Clean drinking water… u know how many people fill their pools up with their hoses??

  77. gobby says:

    Many people have rightly pointed out that there is the same an mount of water, either liquid, gas or solid on the planet. But this is not uniformand not distributed in euqal proportion throughout time and surface. Try to tell me, living in an area of drought stricken Australia that it’s a good idea to fill a pool with water for swiming rather for drinking. There are people on the planet who are dying from lack of drinking water for Christ’s sake!

  78. Melanie Smith says:

    Way to go boys! Awesome ingenuity! Don’t let haters get you down. It is creative minds that have made the fun in this world. God bless you all!

  79. Melanie Smith says:

    PS To answer the questions that started the whole fight above… super simple… someone just can add a simple water filter, fountain , and pump. SAME as any other pool… people have to think outside the pool. LOL 🙂 😉 I made a koi pond water feater that is amazing. I applaud your amazing hard work and determination of doing something creative when others said it couldn’t be done. Also a few umbrellas around the corners would add a beautiful touch and the hay can be reused in the garden in the fall. 🙂 (Ruth Stout method)

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