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If you have a little free spot in your backyard, a chicken coop would be an option to fill that space. Raising chickens can be quite ingenious, as you will always have fresh and healthy eggs at home and you will also be having pets around the house. After you cleaned the spot, you can build your very own chicken coop, that will protect these small animals from the bad weather. This way you can make the coop the size you want, depending on the number of chickens you want to raise and you can give the coop any aspect you want. By raising chickens at home, you can also control what they eat and this can benefit your health too. Take a look at the images below, where you’ll find a selection of great chicken coop ideas and build one yourself.

1. How to Build a Simple Chicken Coop << (details)



2. Deluxe Chicken Coop << (details)



3. Hobbit Hole Chicken Coop << (details)



4. DIY Backyard Chicken Coop << (details)



5. PVC Chicken Feeder << (details)


17 Responses to “Chicken Coop Projects”

  1. Guy Manningham says:

    Awesome chicken coup ideas! Living off the grid is the only way to access true freedom in America. It would serve us all well to push our limits and go back to nature.

    • Steph says:

      How do you pay taxes on your land when you go off the grid and don’t have a job to make money? I’d love to go off grid and could raise my food, collect my water, and use solar energy. My problem would be having money to pay the taxes. How do you do it?

      • Bily Rodriguez says:

        Steph, theres a great demand for organic food out there. You can sell. You can create and sell anything. With that money you pay land. After all unless you have 100 of acres land taxes are not that high

        • BRITTANY says:

          Depends on where you live.. Our taxes are over 4k a year

        • Deb Nelson says:

          Property taxes vary widely, so be careful. Here in NH I have 1/5th of an acre and pay $5k in property tax. To have enough land to have enough crops and pasture land to be self-sustaining, your going to need at least 20 acres, probably more. Depending on the town, taxes are likely to be $20k or more. Serious change.

      • BamboozledTeacher says:

        “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

        Benjamin Franklin

      • Robin says:

        Rent a portion of the land to other farmers and pay your taxes with that money.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Everything looks fine except for a couple things: the coops need to be able to be easily moved so that the greenery underneath doesn’t go bad from over-fertilization, and that other parts of the ground are equally fertilized. If possible.

    Secondly, and this one is more important: NEVER use PVC pipe for water. The water has to be fresh every day, just like for humans and their pets, and when pvc pipe is warmed up from the sun, the petroleum chemicals that were used to make the pipe leaches into the water and then that is transferred into the hens and their eggs which you eat.

    It’s really convenient to install them, but that convenience comes with a huge health risk and cost afterwards.

    Aside from that, the designs are fine, and especially the hobbit hole, but does the back side open up for ease in cleaning the coops at least once a year to ward off parasites and other pests?

  3. says:

    Good stuff

  4. Kristina says:

    Except one thing Cheryl, thas food in the pvc, not water.

  5. Susan says:

    is it ok the use PVC pipe for food? I was definitely thinking about it. Thank you

  6. h says:

    one step at a time and determination. gee,it looks so easy, pretend you have no other chioce,because you dont ,make it work

  7. Kay says:

    In reply to Steph, the people who have managed it, have a home based business, usually a combination of things that they do or make that brings in a steady stream of cash. For instance, you can craft items, sell herbs, vegetables, and eggs that you produce on your land, do people’s taxes or work as an accountant from home. Just check out or look up home business ideas and you will see many different ways to create income streams from home. Most people have to spend a few years building their home business before they can quit their ‘regular’ jobs though and they usually end up with several ways to make money to keep their income recession-proof. Good luck!

  8. frank says:

    Many work and save as much money as they can. Then retire in their 40’s and then do all kinds of odd jobs to supplement their saving. My neighbor grows vegetables and makes maple syrup to make extra income. An I barter labor with him. He helps me haul hay for free and when he breaks something I help him fix it for free..

  9. Steve says:

    Built a coop for my 3 hens a year ago that I though was preditor proof. I’ve pulled out 5 black snakes and 1 rat snake. All of them were 5 and 6 feet long. I’ve let them loose about a half mile away. Any suggestions?

    • Michelle says:

      We just caught a black snake in our friends’ chicken coop, enjoying the freshly laid eggs. It was probably a good 5 feet long. While we were contemplating what to do with it, one of the friends mentioned that its territory runs about 3 miles. I don’t know if that’s accurate (I tried Google to no avail), but you might want to try setting your unwanted visitors loose a little further out. Good luck!

  10. Philip W. Starr says:

    Property taxes, how our freedom is stolen.
    1st Plank of the Communist Manifesto – Elimination of private property.
    If you never can stop paying for it, you never own it.

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