DIY Backyard Chicken Coop


If you’re determined on having a successful career as a farmer, you should keep your expenses at a low. And DIY solutions are a best way to do exactly that. We suggest you build your own DIY Backyard Chicken Coop. Before starting, decide on what features the coop should have. For instance, the project for a 12 by 6 foot structure shown here has the following:

• a nesting box per three birds;
• seven egg laying hens;
• each bird has ten square feet of run space;
• each bird has one foot of roost rail;
• each bird has three square feet of coop space;
• nesting box floors and a sloped coop for water drainage;
• a minimum height of 6 feet;
• some easy access doors;
• half an inch of hardware cloth for screening;
• a raised foundation;

Turning this idea to reality involves some hard work and time. From building the concrete foundation to raising up the wooden stained frame a couple of days might pass. Then, making it a complex structure takes a lot of patience and some building skills. Installing the windows and doors should go after nailing the screening to the wood. Build a proper roofing and drainage system. All in all, this is a type of building which requires tedious planning, a lot of woodwork and commitment to not giving up on the project. At the end, make sure the whole structure is in one color and your chickens are happy before moving in their brand new DIY Backyard Chicken Coop… More photos and details in the link below…

The Palace Chicken Coop

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