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Everyone knows that eggs are a rich source of proteins, but not that many people wonder what is the cause for good and healthy eggs? We’re not taking about chickens, but their living conditions. With more and more mass-produced eggs (that’s the chicken factories we see in documentaries) filling the shelves in your supermarket, some resort to the natural conditions to raise chicken and produce eggs to use in the kitchen. That’s why maybe the interest for building coops has risen in the last years. The issue with these structures is that they don’t have that much of an aesthetic appeal to it. We suggest you make this next type of chicken coop if you want both comfort and the desired amount of cuteness, that is. With an automatic door, windows and a nice grassy roof, this might just be the correspondent for a luxurious home for chickens. This is one deluxe chicken coop. It has more automation than most homes!






“The motor for the automatic door. He re-configured an old windshield wiper motor to open and close the door with the use of limit switches and a programmable timer. There is a piece of white coroplast blocking the entrance to the nesting box now so they don’t fall into the habit of sleeping up there. It will be opened up when they start laying.”


“The automatic sliding door. It currently opens at 7:30 am and closes at 10:30 pm. There’s also a ventilation window on the left.”


“The veranda and dust bath area. The birds use the dust bath (diatomaceous earth) to combat any mites they may get. Note the wheel and axle underneath for moving it around the yard.”


chicken-coop-9 “The battery and timers/switches for the automatic door and light, all charged by the solar panel.”


The waterer. It has an internal valve from a toilet reservoir that allows us to hook up a hose for automatic top-up. The birds get water by tapping on the drip emitters with their beaks.

source:  Imgur

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  1. Derek Read says:

    The last three images are labeled out of order and the last one (feeder?) is missing a description.

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