How to Build a Simple Chicken Coop


The times when raising animals was something you could easily do without almost any means whatsoever (they would eat and sleep around the yard), modern times have come with a lot of food-safety provisions which are, however, the base for a long and healthy living. You could take the risk, but when a convenient DIY solution is right at your grasp, why not try it? So, if you are planning to build a chicken coop by your own, we have the best and comprehensive tutorial for you. Now, a chicken coop is not something to be bungled.


The design featured here requires a degree of complexity that will ultimately ensure the best output for a structure like this. You have to pay attention to the details so you won’t have to undo some of the screwing and nailing. Do yourself a favor and save about some dollars with a DIY chicken coop. Follow the instructions carefully and good luck on the work!

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  1. John Abernethy says:

    I’m new and interested in building a hen house and trying this out.

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