Cottage On A Hill


The urban life is increasingly more stressful, up to the point that stress has been called a modern medical disease and a source for a lot of illnesses. A house in the middle of nature can bring some important and much needed time for relaxation in your weekly energetic lifestyle. This small cottage on a hill could be the perfect hideout from the busy city. Seeming almost like grabbed from some fairytale or a medieval story, the odd shape and straight line design make it seem like it’s following the direction of the surrounding trees. The cottage has the first level dedicated to comfort and lounging, while the second floor is thought for reading and meditation – the large windows help a lot in this regard. The interior design is simple and basic, but carefully thought to evoke moments of reflection and relaxation. Browse through the images to get a clearer picture. A weekend spent here could definitely charge up your batteries for an entire week!

For more information, or to reserve the Cottage on the Hill ( Michigan  USA – 200 sq. ft.) for your retreat, contact at : [email protected] ..











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  1. Carlos says:

    Dimensiones por favor . dimensions please …thanks

  2. Tami Tipton-Fletcher says:

    Looks absolutely enchanting … my perfect happy spot! Will be contacting you for further information. Thank you. Blessings.

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