DIY Backyard Buried Fountain


Many persons considers that a fountain in the garden can contribute to an amazing aspect.. Even though many might think that  the maintenance give you troubles, if done correctly you need not worry. A buried fountain for your garden that you could make your own can bring elegance and style to the overall design. Although some materials will cost a bit more (like cables and the water installation) the overall investment in this DIY project will prove worthy in the end. First, plan the spot well ahead, so it won’t clutter or overshadow everything around it. Like you see in the photo, make a round hole and another deeper one in it. Install a bowl of water and fill the entire hole with sand. Install the water fountain in the bowl and surround it with small planks of wood to make the whole thing more stable. Cover with black plastic sheeting, add some transverse wood sticks or pipes on which you can stick or staple a wire mesh. Cover with decorative stones and there you have it. Start your fountain and watch it improve the design of your garden in an instant!


waterfall-garden-foutain-1 Dig a hole with a diameter of 1.3 m 

waterfall-garden-foutain-2 Put the container with water and align the level

waterfall-garden-foutain-3 Fill the empty space with sand

waterfall-garden-foutain-4 Install a Pond Kit


waterfall-garden-foutain-6 galvanized mesh





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  1. Eva says:

    What an amazing way to beautiful the garden with these stone water fountains…Thank you for sharing.Loved the plank design …Great job

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