DIY Boat Bed


Does your kid like to sail? Or maybe he or she likes those stories with pirates or adventures on the sea? Now you can turn his fantasies into a real thing. Transforming the bedroom into a vessel for imagination is a gift that every parent should consider for their toddlers. So don’t just expect your children to magically become creative persons, but encourage them with any means. A simple method is improving the interior design of their room. You could build a comfortable DIY boat bed (all steps in the link below) in just a matter of a weekend. The frame is simple and it resembles one used in boats, but much simpler – this one doesn’t have to float, only in your kid’s imagination. Start with the main `box` and finish up with a nice paint job. You can add a touch of uniqueness to it by attaching the name onto the boat itself.

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Boat Bed with secret compartments

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