DIY Cardboard Bed For A Doll Or Teddy Bear


Here is a cute tutorial about how to build a cardboard bed for a doll or teddy bear. This is a tutorial perfect for your kids as they will have something new to play with. It looks nice and is easy to do, you can paint it any color your want and it will cost you almost nothing to build it. You will need 2 square meters of cardboard, a ruler, a pen and a cutter. So here’s what you’ll do. Start with marking the cardboard by using a ruler and the pen in places where you want to cut it. There’s an image below which will help you in this matter. Then cut in the parts where you’ll stick the cardboard pieces together and begin to assemble the bed just like in the picture. And that is all, a cute and easy-to-make cardboard bed for your children’s favorite toys.

DIY-Cardboard-Bed-pin Source: .. Click here to download a printable PDF with instructions.

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