DIY Containers Garden Pond


Not enough space in your garden? Not a problem for the DIY enthusiasts. You could make your own pond, but in a smaller size. The solution comes in the form of a container! Now, there are a lot of ways to achieve this creative result, but you must first know a few rules. If you want to make a good and lasting garden pond, of course. So, it is recommend using large glazed pots and not any metal or clay containers, because they won’t be as durable. Then, paint the inside with a dark color (which also gives the impression of depth) in order to protect from any future leaks. But if you notice any openings on the bottom of the container before painting, remember to close them with some rubber or cork stoppers, or silicone if that’s an option you prefer. Actually, you can use everything from old household appliances to feeders for animals, as long as you respect the above mentioned tips.


Afterward, place pots with plants in them, into the container that acts like your pond. You do this because you want the container to mimic a full-size pond, plants included. Pour water in carefully. You are now the proud owner of a DIY garden pond in a container. Look at the images to find inspiration for a specific type of mini-pond.













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