DIY Crochet Rapunzel Character Hat with Long Braids


Fairytale characters are something all children adore, besides sweets. The habit of transforming everything that surrounds them at a certain point into parts of a fairy tale can be costly sometimes, because nowadays animated characters are marketed together with toys that bear their resemblance. But other times, your creativity can play a great role in making the same fairy tale character for your kid to enjoy at home, with not much to almost any money at all. And if you’ve set your mind to making your own clothing in the future, than this item should definitely be on your to do list.


The adorable DIY Rapunzel crochet (PDF Crochet Pattern for Rapunzel Beanie) hat blends the cute ability of a fairy tale character with a useful piece of clothing for your little one. The long strands of hair characteristic of Rapunzel will act like protection for the ears as well as a reason for bragging in front of other kids. Try to make the crochet hat every little girl would want by using worsted yarn, yellow but not necessarily (you could use a combination of purple and brown). Feel free to decorate it with extra cute crochet flowers or cute insects. The project is quite is to make without any purchasing of patterns (you could use a pattern you like, add the yarn, fringe and braid it), but if you like to play it safe in your DIY adventures, you can buy it from this website. Good luck and have fun making it!

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