DIY Impressive Decoration for Valentine’s Day


As Valentine’s Day is approaching, everyone is searching for new and sweet ways to surprise their partner. So if you have in mind a romantic dinner and you wish to decorate the house according to the mood, there is a great way to do it. You can make this easy heart shaped paper decorations and hang them all around the house or just the bedroom. For this project you will need:

• colored paper (red);
• stapler;
• a ruler;
• a pencil;
• a cutter;

Start by cutting 2-3 cm wide pieces of paper, as shown in the picture. You can use the ruler and a pencil to help you mark the place where you will cut the paper, using the cutter. Then take 4 pieces of paper you already cut and staple them together at the bottom. Fold the two pieces of paper that are on the margin, and create a heart shape by stapling them together at the bottom part. Now take another two pieces of paper and staple them at the bottom of the heart shape and once again create a heart shape like the one before. Go on like this until you get the number of heart shapes you want. Take the two pieces of paper from the top of the ornament and create a loop by stapling them together too. This way you can hang your ornament wherever you want.

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