DIY Minion Costume


Minions, from the movie Despicable Me are just adorable. Both children and adults love them, because they are too cute to be true. So if you too are a huge fan of Minions, then you should try and make this great craft called Minion costume. It will be great as your next Halloween outfit or just as a fun to show around to your friends and family. For this project you will need:

• a yellow knitted hat;
• some thread;
• pipe cleaner (2-3 pieces);
• a piece of cardboard;
• silver spray paint;
• black elastic;
• a stapler;
• a pair of scissors;

First of all take the knitted hat and the thread pipes. Cut the thread pipes in 5 or 6 pieces as these will be the hair of the Minion. Pull the pipe cleaner through the hat, just like in the picture. Take the piece of cardboard and with a scissor cut two pieces and make the eyeglasses out of these by rolling them into spheres. You’ll fix them together with the stapler. Paint the pieces of cardboard with the silver spray paint and let them dry. After this staple a elastic piece to the eyeglasses, so you will be able to pull them onto the hat. Pull them on the hat and that is all. Now you are the proud owner of an awesome Minion costume!

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  1. Kat says:

    Did you ask for macbarbie07 permission to post her photo here?

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