DIY Plastic Bottles Flower Vase


Having a regular vase for your flowers is outdated. A vase made out of plastic bottles is a subject for discussion and inspiration alike. Here is an example of how you can transform 2 regular PET sodas into a couple of useful and cleverly crafted vases. You will need:

• 2 plastic bottles;
• scissors;
• a cutter;
• a serrated knife;
• glue or tape (optional);



The process is very easy but it demands your fullest attention, because it involves you handling 3 types of sharp devices. So, first remove the labels and bottleneck from your pair of PET. Then, cut the bottles into leaves, just like shown in the images. You can use the little ditches on the bottle, if you have that model of PET, for guideline. Make a small cut with the cutter at the bottom of the bottle. Make as many as you made leaves earlier. Afterward, just turn the leaves of plastic and place them into the small cut at the bottom of the bottle. If this doesn’t seem to hold, you can use glue or tape to make them stick. Decorate with paint or pens to give the vases an extra look.

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  1. mirna castillo says:

    Me gusta todo lo que hacen me gustaría aprender

  2. Kim L says:

    You forgot the step where you paint these and the cute little flowers attached to hide the seams.

  3. Dianna says:

    The images on most of these craft projects really need to be made larger for people with slightly impaired eyesight.

  4. shalila says:

    its so good

  5. soorya says:


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