DIY Recycled Tires Wishing Well


If you live in a house and wish to have a fountain in your yard, you probably know that it’s not an easy task. But what about making an alternative type of fountain, such as a Tire Wishing Well, that have recycled tires as a base. So if you want to change your winter tires, don’t throw them away, turn them into a nice fountain instead. If you don’t know how to start this project and are looking for some inspiration, below you will find some really cool examples of DIY Tire Wishing Well. By painting the tires in vivid colors you can create a nice attraction for your garden without spending a large amount of money. You can even use some pallets or recycle wood to create a cute roof for your new fountain. Such a great idea!

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7 Responses to “DIY Recycled Tires Wishing Well”

  1. Sri Wahyuni says:

    I like that,so cute

  2. Kerri says:

    I want to do the one with “no fishing” but I can’t find the instructions maybe because I’m on a cell phone?
    I mean it’s almost self-explanatory but how they got the mortar to stay in place

  3. Valerie sandoval says:

    Wishing well tires – what kind of paint did u use and how and what did u use for the to p of the purple one

  4. Debbie says:

    I just read on another site that this is stucco- not sure of any of the details tho. Sorry

  5. Marleneharre says:

    What sort of paint would you use to paint tne tyres please

  6. Tinamarie Russell says:

    please answer the questions – what type of paint and the other questions

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