DIY Vertical PVC Planter


Since summer is approaching, it is time to start cleaning your garden and prepare it for the upcoming hot summer days. The very creative combination of plants and PVC tubes will help you make some beautiful arrangements for your garden. When it comes to decorating your garden, you should be as open as you can in using new materials and techniques. Why? Because in this case, the PVC pipes will help you grow some amazing climbing plants that will give a unique look to your outdoor space. Don’t worry if the tubes don’t look good or aren’t painted, the colorful flowers will quickly cover them once they start to grow. (15 ideas)











2 Responses to “DIY Vertical PVC Planter”

  1. Gloria Kirby says:

    Really neat ideas.

  2. Umesh Tamhane says:

    Nice idea,and it keeps eco environment

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