Forgotten Technology: Man Lifts 20 Ton Block By Hand

There is still mystery around the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, as there was no technology back then that could help people transport such large pieces of rocks. But it looks like one man from Michigan has managed to solve the riddle and found a trick to lift a 20-ton block by hand.

Sounds impossible, right? Wally Wallington is a retired carpenter who is used to physical work and is known as the man who can lift 20-tons with his bare hands. His work experience of 35 years in construction has thought him a lot of techniques that he can use to be more efficient and his first attempt with heavy materials was 20 years ago.

On that occasion, he had to lift 1200 pounds of concrete blocks and since his team didn’t have a machine to do it, there seemed to be no other way than to break them into pieces and load them one by one. But this sounded like a time-consuming activity, so Wally thought about using rocks and leverage to move the blocks from one place to the other. After mastering the technique, he started lifting more and more heavy materials and figured out that when an object is heavy it is much easier to balance it. So, it is only physics if you examine it much closer and combined with the right technique even the heaviest materials can become light weighted.

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  1. Karin Foreman says:

    Thanks for taking the time to put your idea into practice so we can see it. Loved watching it! Congratulations on your success.

  2. Stephanie Sparks says:

    That’s fascinating to watch! Well done!

  3. Mary Gibbs says:

    I think this was amazing! Thank you for showing ingenuity .hopefully others will see this and want to learn more!!

  4. Margaret Felix says:

    That was an amazing exhibition. I believe yiou coulld build a pyramid.

  5. Michelle says:

    That was freaking awesome, some serious phenomenal work.

  6. Rob Gray says:

    I’ve seen this a few times now but they never show how he gets the first few pieces of wood under that 20,000lb block.

  7. Liz says:

    I would like to know more… Such an interesting & informative post! Thanks for sharing. 🤗

  8. Sarah Davis says:




  10. Lynda says:

    Wow! Amazing! Thanks for sharing with us!

  11. Renn R Nelson says:

    cool and nifty it can be done

  12. sue shannon says:

    Wow. That was amazing.

  13. Oded Haber says:

    I’ve used analogous techniques to move fallen trees off of walking paths at a nearby park.

    After sawing any obstructive branches, I can elevate the trunks bit by bit, sequentially levering up each end enough to introduce ever-larger “rollers” (typically the branches) so it can be pushed along while clear of the ground.

    Sometimes there’s a bit of back-n-forth and turning, if the trunk must be reoriented to avoid bumping into standing trees.

    It’s fun to solve mechanical puzzles, including breaking down a larger task into a series of small moves.

    But I’m just noodling around. This guy’s way ahead of me, and an inspiration, should I ever go for a stone archway or high wall.

    I wish him well, and (20 years late) hope he’s still around and healthy.

  14. Luci says:

    Nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize.
    His logical methods can help people globally.

  15. Sonja D Renda says:

    What a great science lesson (and practical for those planning to lift multi-ton blocks.

  16. Ana Harris says:

    Uhhmm … nothing short of Wow!
    Amazing to see how you made it happen so easily!!! Impossible definitely does not exist in your vocabulary. That was awesomely Kool👍🏼

  17. Zeeder says:

    Wow !!!

  18. Terry says:

    Very impressive

  19. John Meadows, USN(RET) says:

    SHAZAM!! Good on ya!!!

  20. Lea says:

    Ok, so how does he lay a stone across on top of two standing blocks?

  21. Ron Joseph says:

    Totally eye opening and amazing !

  22. Karen Wray says:

    This Guy Rocks!

  23. Robert James Marchand says:

    Ive lately seen some overpowered Hyundai carsbon thevstreets. Are they factory high powered vehicules, or privatly modified?

  24. Sharon says:

    Wow! This man is an amazing engineer!

  25. Amir says:

    WoW..Clever dude….

  26. Charles says:

    Occam’s razor, the perfect example. More often than not, the simplest answer tends to the most accurate.
    No ETs, UFOs, mystic powers, none of this . . . just very clever, well reasoned use of gravity.
    Still though, having amassed such enormous structures as the major pyramids of Egypt would have required a fantastic feat of logistics and sophisticated organization to make such projects possible.
    The real mystery might actually be why?

    In any case, well done, excellent demonstration of the concept.

  27. Bryan says:

    Good for you Sir! Congratulations! That was amazing!

  28. James Kemmerlin says:

    Will not work as you see here.

  29. Mona McCaslin Thomason says:

    Absolutely fascinating!!!

  30. Chris Mackey says:

    It looks very much as if you’ve cracked it! I’m amazed how with just two stones you can move blocks of one ton or more. I would have expected either the stones to disintegrate, or the block material to crumble around them, dropping the block onto the floor. Fascinating.

  31. Tom Long says:

    Pretty interesting. Lots of things can be done if you are willing to go in small increments.

  32. Patty says:

    That was awesome! It just goes to show how God can help someone use their noggin’ to achieve what seems near impossible. This is a perfect example of the use of simple machines, which is what ancient man had to work with. Kudos to Wally! I’d love to see more videos by him, because we homeschool and we love this type of stuff.

  33. David Oakley says:


  34. Debbie Gerhardt says:

    This is amazing, thank you for video taping, and sharing.

  35. Alan says:

    I wantto read

  36. Awhina Rore says:

    Amazing 😉 and impressive

  37. Terry Hobley says:

    Love this guy , preserve this knowledge

  38. Killoran says:

    This is awesome. Great job by ONE guy! I’m sure the Druids and Egyptians had hundreds of guys. It always irritated me how some folks think men are so stupid and incompetent that they HAD to have had extra terrestrial help.

  39. Glenn says:

    Well done, sir. The ancients didn’t accept “impossible”, then took their time and thought it through, trialled and perfected.

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