Glow-in-the-dark Mandala Rock Painting

Not only will I show you how to make a gorgeous sparkling bright coloured mandala…but it will also glow in the dark! And it will shine like glass as i show you how to use Art Resin to add glass coating to your rocks!!!

I have ordered my resin off of Amazon and there are lots of awesome tutorials on youtube to help you get the resin perfect. I use a plastic lid from a rubbermaid container to place my rocks on and dry, but I am doing a bulk ordeGlow-in-the-dark Mandala Rock Paintingr. You can also use plastic cutting boards from dollar store. They pop off easily as long as you dont have a thick layer on the bottom. KEEP IT LIGHT!!

Etsy if you want to purchase

ETSY – RachelsRocksCanada


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