Grain Silo House


A first thought that may go through your mind when seeing a grain silo is that of a country house. But architects and designers have managed to fulfill someone’s desire to mix a silo with a modern home. The project featured on this website incorporates beautifully a Grain Silo. Monticello Homes & Development have come up with a superb design that blends the silo almost naturally into the rest of the structure. The green area all around this residence almost hugs the wood, stone and steel structure, with the sky and all of the forest reflecting into the large windows and doors. The exterior is not the only part that impress. The interior design is executed perfectly, with neutral colors and contemporary art work scattered throughout the spaces. There is a variety of furniture and rugs, but the modern style is kept in the entire house. The master bedroom in the upper side of the silo is simply outstanding. From the inside you get the feeling you are in a mansion and not in a steel structure. Browse through the entire set of photos to get a picture about we are talking about. You will surely get to love it as much as we do!





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  1. anon says:

    can’t pin this due to “inappropriate content.” 🙁
    would you mind putting it on your Living Off The Grid board (or where ever)?

  2. Victoria Hekkers says:

    What climate is this Grain Silo House located in?


  3. Sherri Hearrell says:

    Beautiful, you put alot of hard work into that home. Love it

  4. William Jones says:

    SW Missouri

  5. Ray Sytsma says:

    Trying to find engineer who will provide structural design for framing interior of 21 foot by 14 foot silo.

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