How To Make a Great Chair From Old Tires


Here’s another great DIY project which also involves recycling. We are going to show you step by step how to make yourself a great chair from old tires. What you’ll need are two used tires, fabric for covering them (it can have any pattern that you like), some wood palettes, a drill, a stapler and some sponge.
For starters drill some holes in the inside of one tires. Than take the sponge and by using the stapler attach it to the tire. Make sure to cover the inside of your tire with the sponge in order to make the chair more comfortable. Cut the surplus of sponge on the edges and staple a piece of fabric to the bottom of one tire. This will be the part of the chair which will be placed on the floor.
Now take the wooden palettes and drill some holes in them too, this will be screwed to the tire and will eventually be the back of your chair. Cut these palettes as big as you want the back of your chair to be. Then after attaching both tires, take the sponge again and fill out the second tire which is on top and that will be the top of your chair. Again, by using the stapler attach a piece of sponge on top of it so you will be able to sit very comfortably when ready. Cover the hole structure with the fabric of your choice. We’ve chosen this fabric with a cute cat pattern on it as it will be placed in a kids’ room. You will need to have a bit of sewing skills to give the fabric such a shape so to cover the tires entirely and to fit right into them. After covering with fabric, it will be ready and you can enjoy sitting on your new, recycled chair.

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11 Responses to “How To Make a Great Chair From Old Tires”

  1. aunt teleute says:

    I find this project deeply worrying.

    Whilst i applaud the ingenuity of the project I would be very very wary of putting such a flamable object in a childs room.

    This could produce a vast quanity of highly toxic smoke if it caught on fire, too great a fire risk for me.

    • Ronald Perry says:

      How will it catch on fire? I am thinking on making one of these for my son’s room. To me, it dose not seem to be any more dangerous than a store bought item. Carelessness is the only way I can think that would be an issue. There are many things in the house that if caught on fire would be toxic. Please let me know what your feeling is about this chair. Thanks, Ron in KS.

    • billy says:

      your worth less

    • Marian says:

      Most any cube type seats like that are filled with a polystyrene filling anyway. Very noxious stuff. You might want to only consider only all solid metal furniture. Even wood burns.

    • Rosie says:

      This is a very creative project. Hopefully there won’t be any fires as that would be tragic to anyone but in the event there is, no smoke is friendly anyway and all cause problems.
      Safety first so fires are avoided. I love these chairs and will try making some 🙂
      Lighten up a little…be creative and enjoy the results 🙂

    • mick says:

      if you are truly worried about fumes, never buy a house under 12mths old, the formaldehyde that escapes from the bench tops is bad for you, don’t drive your car in summer, the BSPA from the plastic will be attacking your nervous system!
      OOO Fly spray is a neuro toxin, don’t go to the public pool either, there is chlorine gas, trichlor-iso-syurnaric acid, dichloro-syuranric acid and bicarb soda used there, yum, swimming in brine.
      just saying

      if a room was to combust the average burning temp with all the synthetics is well above 1400 centigrade, the tyres will be the least of your worries, you might even be able to use them as a temporary shield to get out of the fire

  2. Kathleen says:

    Isn’t practically every piece of furniture you buy from a store highly flammable too? Formaldahyde is used in everything. Toxic fumes come from varnishes and paint too. Even fabrics can let off toxic fumes when burned. Geez.

  3. Thamar Zwiers says:

    I wonder what the back is made from, and how it’s made?????

  4. Ray says:

    Wow pretty bad uah caint even look how to do something with people always bitching and fighting on they comments grow fuck up

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