The Horse’s Glass: Special Gift For Horse Lovers


As you already know, on this website you can find some of the most interesting and creative ideas in terms of design. But prepare, as this next one can be easily named one of the most imaginative ideas ever. The project is called The Horse’s Glass, and all animal and especially horse lovers will be delighted by it. On the website you will find custom painted glass wines and if you would like one with your favorite horse on it, just ask the artist to create it for you. These wine glasses are really unique and if you are looking for something unusual and amazing, then The Horse’s Glass is just perfect. A custom painted wine glass can also be a great idea as a gift, this way you can make sure that no one else will bring the same gift to a party as you. These custom made glasses cost 50 $ plus the shipping expenses and they can be washed, as the artist uses special glass paint. You can choose between two different sizes, from 20oz tall wine glasses to 20oz bowl ones. If we made you curious, visit the website, take a glance at the artwork and contact Marci Voorhees, the artist for more details and a customized order.

Find it HERE…

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