How to Build a Ball Pit For Your Kids


Remember when a visit to McDonald’s wasn’t only for the (suspiciously) delicious food, but also for the fun of playing in the ball pit? If you don’t, your kids definitely will. So, why not make this special time permanent in your home? We’re talking about learning how to make a DIY ball pit. In order to make this project, you will need the following:

• a couple of 10 foot sections of 1 inch PVC pipes (from Home Depot);
• high pressure cargo netting;
• about 2300 small plastic balls (9 bags of 250 balls from Toys R Us);
• some scrap denim;
• (optional) ladder;

Cut the pipes into same length pieces, and use them afterwards to build a 4 by 4 by 2 feet frame. As for the netting, a 4 feet square piece for the base and then 4 pieces of 2 by 4 feet for the sides is all that you need. Attach the bottom to the sides and also to each other. Make eight bits of 4 by 5.25 inches tabs from scrap denim. Put them through the PVC and fill the space with toy balls. Place a ladder so your little kids can get in easily. Let the tones of fun begin!


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  1. mark b says:

    Awesome Ideaaa , but the balls where I can get it because in it looks cheap even tthoug i dont know much german #Bällebad

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