How to Build With Bamboo: 19 Projects You Can Do at Home


Bamboo is one of the most resistant materials you can find out there and using it for several types of constructions is a quality choice. If you are looking for ways to build a simple but durable roof, you should build one out of bamboos. Working with bamboo has a lot of other advantages and it is an eco-friendly material, as bamboo is known to grow rapidly in comparison with other hardwood trees. It is also a material that will keep you safe and secure and helps to bring the temperature inside your home to moderate, so you can save money by not using the air conditioning. Also bamboo roofs are highly flexible and resistant to impacts, so they are a great choice when it comes to building a new roof to your home. Visit the link below for some inspiration and a sketch of a bamboo roofing.


Bamboo-Roof-5Engineering Students Build Prototype for $300 House Project in Haiti

Bamboo-Roof-3Images via Kouk Khleang Youth Center

Jo Scheer has been deeply involved in working with bamboo for about two decades, having lived in Rincon, Puerto Rico, where he built a home for his family with mainly bamboo components. He has been designing, building, and marketing a wide range of beautiful bamboo creations

How to Build With Bamboo: 19 Projects You Can Do at Home


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