How To Easily Sew Sock Owl


Thinking about making your home decor a bit nicer? Surely you’ve browsed through a bunch of magazines and interior design websites by now and didn’t quite find the decorations you want. That’s why we suggest you try sewing a few Sock Owls! That’s right, these cute DIY plush birds will help you decorate your house into a welcoming space, just as much some rugs and more intricate decorations will. And if you’re not sure about the improvement effect it has, you can always gift it and kids will just love you for it. The actual process is fairly easy and involves using some used socks and transforming them into a lovely decoration or toy. Follow the tutorial provided by Craft Passion and you will achieve making beautiful Sock Owls in no time.


How To Sew Sock Owl – Craft Passion

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  1. Bill Schmidt says:

    Why so difficult to Print???

  2. Me says:

    when I can’t get things to print, I highlight the information that I want (copy and paste situation). and then paste it elsewhere (like in an email to myself or in a word doc that I can save); then print it from there. I hope this helps.

  3. SAnniebelle says:

    Why all the “hoops” to jump through to get a FREE Craft Pattern? It isn’t free if I have to give you anything — including my personal information.

  4. sithbunny says:

    oh, I get it now! You click on the little tiny link right between the two BIG links that take you to random spamming. Easy.

  5. Dk says:

    This link goes to the pattern without all the hoops craftpassion

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