How To Make An Owl Cake


Have you ever dreamed about having an owl cake for you or your child’s birthday? If owls are you favorite animals and you have a lot of cute things with owls on them, why not learn how to make a cake that is shaped like one? You will surely surprise your guests in a pleasant way or in case you are preparing for a children’s party, the kids will be amazed. To make the cake you will need: 2 rounded cake layers and 1 half layer of a ball cake, chocolate frosting, colored fondant and some utensils for cake decoration. Bake the cakes and then cut each layer as shown in the pictures and build the body of the owl.


Add the icing between the cakes and cover it in chocolate. Start to color the fondant that will be used on the owl’s belly. Create small balls, then roll them out and use a cookie cutter to create small circles. Apply the circles on the body of the owl and pipe frosting dots around the cake, then use a spatula to create the impression of feathers. Make the eyes, the beak and the ears and decorate with a cute red ribbon, all made out of fondant. Your cake will look awesome and will be delicious as well. Enjoy!

Owl Cake Tutorial – Joyfully Home

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